REVA Summer NFT Auction ready to go?

REVA Summer NFT Auction ready to go?
REVA Summer NFT Auction ready to go?

REVA, as the world’s first platform to create a high-end NFT auction business, has long been closely watched by all sectors of society, not only because metaverse and NFT have attracted a lot of attention, but also in art and auction.

Recently, it was reported that REVA’s first NFT auction themed in the second half of the year will be held in London, England, and the legendary British Grand Duke International Auction may escort it.

REVA quietly announced on its official Twitter that the auction would be held in the UK and uploaded an undated time poster for the summer auction. It is speculated that this NFT auction will most likely be a special auction for REVA’s internal VIP invitation system, which may not be open to public access and widely reported.

Since 2022, the popularity of digital collections has continued to increase visibly and various capitals have entered the game, including internet giants, cultural institutions, etc. As of mid-July 2022, there are more than 1,000 digital collection platforms in Europe and the United States alone with an average circulation of collections per week exceeding 200,000 according to relevant data reports. It is estimated that the global NFT market could exceed 100 billion in 2025.

The NFT track is full of opportunities and challenges at the 100-billion level, making the NFT business more and more diversified, entering the information age. It is a milestone in the development of the global digital economy, also a joint development of mutual empowerment.

Today, digitization of culture and art has become a national strategy. The development of Metaverse and NFT will neither slow down nor stop, and even the digital economy will become an important way of driving economic development in the future.

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The digital cultural economy is a follow-up to the trend of digital culture and policy development in the contemporary context with cultural data as a key production factor. There is also an extensive development of economic and cultural perspectives, which helps to promote the integration of cultural data resources.

REVA’s business is developing strongly and covers NFT safekeeping and NFT auction. REVA aims to break the liquidity in the NFT market, accelerate the development of NFT and establish a complete NFT price assessment system, which is of great importance to innovate the economic characteristics of the entire NFT field.

The highly pioneering “digital + auction” NFT business of REVA presents a new auction model under the wave of the new era, inherited from the traditional auction model, reshaping the auction recognition to open up new areas of exploration and economic awakening. It is a comprehensive innovation by NFT, which reproduces the uniqueness and uniqueness of digital art collections and combines them with physical auctions, emphasizing the use and collection value. REVA provides avenues and methods for NFT holders to realize value, and generates more opportunities and income for NFT creators.

Meanwhile, industry insiders predict that this round of REVA auctions could set the auction price of digital art collections in 2022, and REVA will achieve a remarkable record in the 2022 NFT field by the end of the year.

Therefore, let’s continue to pay attention to the progress of the last NFT themed auction by REVA in the second half of the year to see the next legend in the NFT field!

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