The month of June finds AI Network listed on Biconomy and ready for its fourth Runo NFT sale and much more

The month of June finds AI Network listed on Biconomy and ready for its fourth Runo NFT sale and much more

Seoul, Korea, June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The month of June remains quite eventful for the Korean tier 1 blockchain AI network, as the AI ​​network’s initial token $AIN goes live on Biconomy on June 16, followed by a fourth round of Runo NFT sales on June 19, and a surprise listing planned later in the month.

Users should mark the date and have their $AIN tokens ready, as Runo NFTs are expected to follow the pattern of their previous release rounds and sell out within minutes of launch.

What is

AI network

AI Network is a decentralized layer 1 blockchain that democratizes AI development. It connects resource providers, developers and creators to power a vast network of computational resources with the ultimate goal of creating the Internet of AI in the Web3 era.

By bringing these resources together, the AI ​​Network opens up the opportunity for the general public to create, own and trade AI applications in a way that allows everyone to contribute to the future of AI.

The AI ​​Network represents a decentralized AI ecosystem of various elements contributing to the ultimate goal of building the internet for AI. These items are Runo NFTs, AINFTs, $AIN tokens and AIN DAO.

Runo NFTs are the backbone of the AI ​​Network as they provide decentralized computational resources to the AI ​​Network ecosystem. Furthermore, node operators are rewarded with $AIN tokens.

AINFTs are AI-infused NFTs that actively respond to users and data as dynamic and intelligent beings on the blockchain. With AINFTs, anyone can produce, share and trade AI, just as they do with regular Web2 web content. They use decentralized GPUs and thus play an instrumental role in the ecosystem, helping the spread of AI, and making an important contribution to the development of AI on the blockchain.

As a Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem, AI Network has its own native token called



$AIN powers the AI ​​Network ecosystem of decentralized computing resources. $AIN settles transactions within the ecosystem and is used by creators to compensate developers for contributing open source code to the AI ​​Network and to reward GPU vendors for contributing resources.

AIN DAO is the decentralized decision-making body that governs the network by forwarding proposals to be voted on by the other members of the network. The DAO members fall into three different categories, according to the role played in the network. Anyone can join or interact with the AI ​​Network, whether as one

captain, creator,




AI Network is a cutting-edge project with a connected infrastructure that should be on people’s radars as it has everything it needs to fulfill its ultimate goal of building the internet for AI. The latest and upcoming entries testify to the project’s capabilities and promise to bring innovation in two of the fastest growing industries of the future – AI and blockchain.


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