Snoop Dogg NFT entices the audience with behind-the-scenes offers from the latest tour

Snoop Dogg NFT entices the audience with behind-the-scenes offers from the latest tour

Snoop Dogg, is a rapper and entertainer, and is also known as a major non-fungible token (NFT) collector. Today he is here, back on the platform, with his current addition. Snoop Dogg Passport offers benefits and experiences related to his current concert tour. His collection is available at a price of approximately $43.

The NFT offer is unlimited, and you can buy 100 passes at a time. Through this digital tour, users will get a chance to see the entire behind-the-scenes tour of his reunion tour.

Snoop Dogg’s NFT Pass will also provide other benefits

The pass will provide benefits such as access to airdrop collections of Snoop Dogg from renowned artists such as Terell Jones, Coldie and Alien Queen. In addition, you get access to products, ticket sales and a music playlist composed by the rapper.

The collection of this non-fungible token is facilitated by WME, a talent agency, in partnership with Transient Labs. Snoop Dogg has many NFTs that show his interest in the Web3 world. Apart from this, he has partnerships with crypto platforms, a virtual property in the metaverse, avatar launches in gaming and more.

According to the rapper, he is moving forward with digital collaboration. He has advised all the other artists to follow his steps; thereby wanting to encourage artists to come forward and innovate their talent.

Chief Officer of Transient Labs, Chris Ostoich, said that they are always looking to offer the benefits of blockchain, and they are very excited to share their unique experience and partnership with Snoop Dogg. According to him, the partnership with Snoop Dogg will enhance their ability to offer a distinctive experience to users.

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The rapper has several NFTs

In 2021, the rapper announced himself as the anonymous holder of “Cozomo de Medici”, a wallet of around $17.6 million. Apart from this, he has launched his own non-fungible music tokens. Furthermore, he has shown his interest by holding the Bored Yacht Club NFT collection.

He holds the gathering together with his partner, fellow rapper Eminem. Two of them released a Bored Apes track and performed it at the MTV Music Awards. This served as a gesture to the music industry that metaverse performances deserve more appreciation. The song contains a lot of content from the NFT collection.

Snoop Dogg is an avid participant in the NFT space. He is currently featured in an animated video for the EDM single BAYC by Esther Anaya, which is an energetic video by Bored Apes and other non-fungible tokens.

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