Ethentic launches 3D NFT project July 14, 2022

Ethentic launches 3D NFT project July 14, 2022
Ethentic launches 3D NFT project July 14, 2022

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New NFT project combines NFT artwork with 3D printing for a unique NFT collection experience.

Collectors of The Causeways NFTs will have exclusive rights and access to the NILON channel in Ethetic discord, where future projects on the Ethentic platform are being developed. “

– Spoolius Caesar

WICHITA, KANSAS, USA, July 14, 2022 / – Ethentic, a 3D print-based NFT collection created by two Canadian developers known as Spoolius Caesar and Johnny F. Prints, will be available on July 14. The collection will be embossed and available for purchase via the website as well as through discord and twitter accounts.

Authentic combines the thrill of generative art on the chain with the physical presence of 3D printable objects. Authentic NFTs are generated at the time of minting, including the 3D printable model and some gorgeous renderings of it. For collectors, the first edition is on the house.

Ethentic is a first-class project that uses chain algorithms and properties to generate 3D-printable art. In addition to the news of the artwork, there are innovations in the smart contracts. These include the fact that authentic NFTs are generated procedurally using the OpenSCAD programming language. The scripts and properties of the chain are combined to generate 3D models with varying properties. The digital images associated with each NFT are created by feeding the STL model into a Blender script and rendering the scene to a PNG.

Ethentic offers a unique NFT collection experience that combines the popularity of NFT artwork, 3D printing and utility. It is expected that the project will expand the popularity of NFTs to include fans of 3D printing.

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Note to media, if you would like a 3D-printed authentic logo already loaded with our NFC tag and more information, please contact [email protected] or @nft_rubicon or 01-316-619-2674.

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