The ultimate sensory adventure in the Julian Alps

The ultimate sensory adventure in the Julian Alps

The ultimate sensory adventure in the Julian Alps
The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure – when a NFT becomes a unique experience in Slovenia

This week marked the end of a three-day event where representatives from 15 media, owners of an exclusive NFT digital souvenir, cashed it in as a ticket to a unique experience in the Julian Alps. The project was created in collaboration between the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) and the Julian Alps.

Between May 29 and 31, holders of the Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure NFT had an opportunity to experience the value of NFTs by using them as a ticket to a unique and one-of-a-kind event that combined a digital souvenir and an experience ticket in Slovenia. The NFT holders were journalists from international media including the UK, Italy, Germany and Switzerland, as well as from Slovenia and a representative of the Web3 community.

Aljoša Ota, head of the Italian office of the Slovenian Tourist Board, explained: “By combining a digital souvenir in the form of NFT tokens and the real experience, we approach the promotion of Slovenia in a creative and innovative way. The project has been developed in collaboration with the Julian Alps, which puts sustainability at the heart of all its activities. The destination has received a number of prestigious international awards for its efforts, and Bohinj is the first destination to receive the highest award from the Slovenian Green Tourism Scheme, the platinum label Slovenia Green.

The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure was a unique event, for which a collection of 15 unique NFTs were released, which served as an exclusive digital souvenir and also as a ticket to this event. Some of them were awarded to international media representatives at last year’s WTM in London, and some were given to selected journalists from key Slovenian tourism markets.

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The project is the result of an innovative approach to promoting Slovenian tourism. By integrating advanced technology, the project highlights the importance of a responsible attitude to nature by drawing attention to the issue of disappearing plant and animal species in the Julian Alps, such as the alpine mynah and the wild rooster. STB and the Julian Alps have thus drawn attention to the fact that the key to managing the planet’s future lies in awareness of the connection between nature and man.

Klemen Langus, director of tourism in Bohinj, also emphasized the importance of such events: “I am happy that we have gathered new technology to promote the protected area. It was crucial to go in and protect the area in a different way, so you don’t even have to see the endangered species, but they resonate with you throughout the ultimate sensory adventure in the Julian Alps.”

During the three-day event, journalists also participated in the International Wildflower Festival. Learn about stories that highlight the importance of preserving the balance between nature and biodiversity, the fragility of ecosystems and the importance of finding sustainable solutions and responsible travel and tourism. The sensory experience is also a reminder to take some time off and experience the environment with all your senses. The event also included a special dinner with Michelin star chef Uroš Štefelin.

Use of new technology for innovative and effective promotion of Slovenian tourism
By issuing new NFT tokens and redeeming them as a real experience in the Julian Alps, Slovenia is once again emerging as a smart, innovative and sustainable destination. NFTs are a form of digital crypto-coins or tokens that, due to their characteristics, are not interchangeable with others and are therefore unique and unique, they can represent a digital work of art, a unique object or a service.

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For users, NFT tokens can provide several benefits. If registered on a public blockchain platform, NFTs can serve as proof of attendance at a particular event and can be used as a promotional tool. NFT tokens can become collectibles that provide prestige and social value to their owners. Finally, NFT tokens can provide access to exclusive services or benefits during a trip, such as discounts on accommodation, restaurants or other tourist activities and exclusive experiences.

The use of blockchain technology maintains international competitiveness at a high level by promoting digitization, improving customer satisfaction and increasing trust through increased efficiency, transparency and sustainability – values ​​that are the cornerstone of the vision of Slovenian tourism. The use of blockchain technology is also highlighted by STB in the Digital Transformation Strategy for Slovenian Tourism 2022-2026, where a specific action (Action 9) addresses the concept and functionality of the Green Digital Token. The goal is to increase the value and quality of Slovenia. As well as increasing and modernizing promotional activities of STB to ensure the presentation of Slovenia’s tourism sector in a digital, modern and innovative form.

More generally, STB explores possible implementations of all the tools currently being developed in the context of Web3, which refers to the third generation of the World Wide Web. Key features of Web3 include the ability to own and control one’s own data, user autonomy and the use of smart contracts for transactions, and the use of web applications and tools that work with artificial intelligence.

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