CUDOS Markets launches Genesis Collectibles via Sustainable NFT Marketplace

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2023 / CUDOS Blockchain has introduced CUDOS markets, a new marketplace for Hashrate Collectibles, adding another important tool to the CUDOS ecosystem. The launch and presale of the first collection of limited edition collectible NFTs will take place on June 6th on this unique platform, and the public sale will take place on June 8th.

Cudo, Monday 5 June 2023, Press release image

Building on the success of CUDO Compute and CUDO Mining, CUDOS Markets leverages their expertise to create the world’s first marketplace for Hashrate collectibles. As outlined in CUDOS’ roadmap, collectible holders will gain access to Bitcoin rewards and join a vibrant community where they can engage with other enthusiasts.

Unlike conventional Bitcoin acquisitions, which raise concerns about sustainability and environmental impact, CUDOS Markets ensures that all BTC rewards come exclusively from 100% sustainable and renewable energy sources. This groundbreaking approach ushers in a new era of responsible cryptocurrency purchases, empowering individuals to make environmentally conscious choices while benefiting from digital assets.

Acclaimed artist Delux3, formerly a senior designer at Nike, has created the Genesis collection’s artwork. Delux3’s signature style of “refined street art” features deep tonal layers and unexpected color combinations. As an established artist in Solana’s art world, Delux3’s visionary and abstract contribution to the new Hashrate Collection for CUDOS Markets promises to captivate collectors.

For those registered on the whitelist, the Genesis Collection Presale will be available for 24 hours, offering the opportunity to purchase at a discounted price of $300. Buyers will have a chance to win one of the collectibles at 5 hashrate tiers, from 5 TH/s to 170 TH/s and worth up to $5,000 in BTC rewards. In addition, participants will have a chance to stamp one of the 3 unique 1/1 collectibles hidden in the Genesis collection. After the presale, the public coin will open at a price of $330.

Genesis Collectibles is backed by Bitcoin hashrate exclusively derived from pre-approved sustainable mining farms, starting with the first Genesis Collection from Blockmole.

CEO and Founder Matt Hawkins shared his thoughts on the latest Cudos Ventures product launch:

“Our new product, CUDOS Markets, is not just another NFT marketplace. It is a platform where people can have a positive impact on the world by buying and selling sustainable NFT collectibles that are Real World Assets backed by our eco-friendly Bitcoin miners. With CUDOS Markets, we are excited to offer a unique opportunity to combine the power of blockchain with our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe this new offering will be a game-changer for the NFT industry and beyond.”

To learn more about CUDOS Markets and their future plans, please visit their website:


CUDOS is at the forefront of powering the metaverse, bringing together DeFi, NFTs and gaming experiences to realize the vision of a decentralized Web3. Their open platform provides the infrastructure required to meet the 1,000x higher computing needs to create fully immersive, gamified digital realities.

About CUDO Ventures

CUDO Ventures is a leading supplier of innovative sustainable solutions for the digital world. With cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface, the company is committed to transforming the electronic landscape and making a positive difference in the world. Their platforms deliver value that increases revenue, increases margins and enables rapid response to changing market dynamics and volatility.

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