Kraken NFT ends beta, Coinbase ‘Stand with Crypto’ gets support and more

Kraken NFT ends beta, Coinbase ‘Stand with Crypto’ gets support and more

Kraken NFT Marketplace exits beta phase

Crypto exchange Kraken has announced that the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace has exited the beta phase. Along with the launch, the NFT platform highlighted that it has expanded the number of NFT collections. The platform noted that it went from supporting 70 collections to over 250. According to Kraken, it will continue to add even more collections to the marketplace.

Aside from the collection expansion, the firm also announced that it has added support for the Polygon Network, highlighting that the popular Reddit Collectible Avatars will now also be supported by the marketplace.

In the announcement, the NFT trading platform also announced that it will not charge gas fees to its users when they buy or sell NFTs on the platform. However, the marketplace noted in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post that gas fees will still apply when transferring assets on and off their platform.

Coinbase ‘Stand with Crypto’ NFT Campaign Gains Community Support

As the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) targeted crypto exchange Coinbase in a lawsuit, community members have begun showing their support for the trading platform by embossing its “Stand with Crypto” NFTs and posting the shield badge on Twitter. profiles.

Back in April when the collection launched, the NFTs only had 15,000 mints and 7,000 owners according to NFT marketplace OpenSea. Now the collection has over 142,000 mints and more than 52,000 owners, with more minting of the NFTs as the exchange’s legal battle with the SEC intensifies.

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Many also expressed their support for the move tweeting the shield brands on Twitter, and some even share Coinbase shield artwork.

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The Bitcoin NFT Inscription Project allows larger file sizes

Bitcoin ecosystem project New Bitcoin City aims to compete with Bitcoin Ordinals by offering smart contracts and larger file sizes. According to the project, files entered through the “Inscription Village” can exceed 4 megabytes, the limit for Ordinals inscriptions.

The platform highlighted that an Azuki Spirit DAO background with a file size of 6.9MB has already been written into the Bitcoin blockchain back in May.

Ex-Oasis musician turns to NFTs amid chart battle with Foo Fighters

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, the new band of former Oasis member Noel Gallagher, are competing with rock band Foo Fighters for the top spot in the Official UK Albums Chart. However, Gallagher has pulled an ace up his sleeve – NFTs.

A new album called “Council Skies” was released by Gallagher’s band on June 2, the same day Foo Fighters released an album called “But Here We Are”, their first release after the tragic passing of band member Taylor Hawkins. The two are locked in a battle for the top spot, with Gallagher turning to NFTs in a bid to boost album sales.

On June 7th, NFT platform Serenade announced that they are offering unique “Digital Pressings” of the band’s newly released album Council Skies. The release includes a full audio playback of the album and what they described as a “public ownership stamp” that is in the blockchain.

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