Ipoh to host Malaysia’s first NFT-powered festival in August, targeting over 450,000 visitors

Ipoh to host Malaysia’s first NFT-powered festival in August, targeting over 450,000 visitors



KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — Perak is set to host Malaysia’s first non-fungible token (NFT)-powered festival in August with an aim to revolutionize the digital economy.

The event, called Visit Ipoh Festivalis scheduled to take place from August 26 to October 1.

The festival is expected to bring an estimated 450,000 visitors and revenue of up to RM130 million to Ipoh over six weeks.

The initiative is supported by Perak State Tourism, Industry, Investment and Corridor Development Committee chairman Loh Sze Yee to promote Ipoh as a leading cultural destination and drive the digital economy.

“We are proud to support the Visit Ipoh Festival as an initiative to drive the digital economy for Ipoh and Perak,” said Loh.

“This festival is not only a celebration of culture and art, but also a stepping stone towards a thriving digital economy.”

Loh said he believes the Visit Ipoh Festival will set a benchmark for the rest of Malaysia, inspiring other cities and regions to embrace the digital revolution and harness its economic potential.

“We are confident that this festival will showcase the ingenuity and creativity of our local talent while positioning Ipoh and Perak as leaders in the digital landscape.”

The festival will be led by Perak’s Cultural Economy Policy and Research Center together with Go Plus Hub, the NFT partner for the event.

Go Plus Hub founder and CEO Jeff Wong expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying his company is committed to creating a unique and immersive experience for visitors while setting new standards for the integration of technology and art.

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“By embracing the power of NFTs, Visit Ipoh Festival is at the forefront of driving the digital economy and showcasing the limitless potential of digital assets.”

The festival will also see a partnership with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to help students gain insight from the creative industry.

Chairman of the UKM Center for Research in Language and Linguistics, Professor Nor Fariza, said that the collaboration provides an invaluable opportunity for the students to gain first-hand insight from the industry.

“By understanding the entire ecosystem of the industry, our students will be better equipped to contribute to the digital economy and drive innovation in Malaysia.

“We are also committed to researching, documenting and archiving festival statistics, to ensure that the data becomes a valuable resource for future reference and analysis.”

The festival will be held along the Kinta River Walk to provide a captivating setting for visitors to explore and engage with the festival’s attractions.

From art exhibitions and installations to cultural shows and fairs, the festival will showcase a diverse range of experiences that celebrate the rich heritage of Ipoh.

One of the highlights of the festival includes the presence of representatives from Fukuoka, Ipoh’s twin city.

Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in food tasting sessions while gathering more information about visiting Fukuoka, promoting cultural exchange between the two cities.

The festival will also see the opening of Art Ipoh 2.0 led by renowned art curator Philip Wong at Tin Alley, following a successful maiden run in 2019.

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