Blockware Mining Opens Flagship Bitcoin Mining Facility in

Blockware Mining Opens Flagship Bitcoin Mining Facility in
Blockware Mining Opens Flagship Bitcoin Mining Facility in

CHICAGO, Ill. and Paducah, KY, Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blockware Mining, the Chicago-based provider of Bitcoin mining infrastructure and co-location services, today announced the official opening of its flagship Bitcoin mining facility in Paducah, KY. The 30 megawatt (MW) facility was activated in February and has the capacity to host up to 100 MW of mining power to facilitate the company’s continued expansion.

Professionally engineered to maximize equipment uptime, the new turnkey ASIC hardware solution has configurable flexibility to adapt to seasonal and environmental fluctuations. Customers also benefit from professionally managed 24/7 technical support.

Despite broader market conditions, Blockware Mining is in discussion with several crypto-friendly states such as Kentucky to meet growing demand for energy efficient mining facilities while increasing the competitiveness of the US crypto mining industry.

“We are thrilled to open this new world-class facility to create Bitcoin in a safe, sustainable and energy-efficient manner,” said Michael Stoltzner, president and CEO of Blockware Mining. “We are also very proud to dedicate this new facility in honor of Bitcoin pioneer, Blockware Mining co-founder and my friend, the late Mathew J. D’Souza.”

Blockware Mining worked closely with local officials and community organizations over the past two years to conceptualize the state-of-the-art facility.

Parties involved in the launch of the facility include:

  • Michael Stoltzner, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Blockware Mining
  • Jeremy Witten, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Blockware Mining
  • Bruce Wilcox, President and CEO, Greater Paducah Economic Development (GPED)
  • George Bray, Mayor of the City of Paducah
  • Craig Clymer, Chief Judge, McCracken County
  • Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development
  • Bob Berry, President and CEO, Big Rivers Electric Corporation
  • Greg Grissom, President and CEO, Jackson Purchase Energy
  • Dave Carroll, General Manager, Paducah Power
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Bruce Wilcox, president of Greater Paducah Economic Development said, “We are focused on bringing new technology industries and great jobs to Kentucky while adapting to the demand for a favorable cost structure and increased access to energy.”

About Blockware Mining, Inc.

Blockware Mining is a diversified Bitcoin mining infrastructure and colocation service provider headquartered in Chicago, IL. Blockware Mining offers customers one of the most competitive hardware and hosting packages to get miners up and running and hashing using the latest generation of mining equipment. For more information, visit

  • Mining facilities for block commodities.

  • Mining facilities for block commodities.

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