Web3 responds to Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Web3 responds to Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Well, Apple went and did the thing. After years of rumors, speculation and anticipation, the company finally unveiled its first new product category since 2014’s Apple Watch with the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro. The AR and VR headset, which is currently priced at $3,500 and has a tentative launch date of early 2024, is Apple’s first big swing at making the idea of ​​spatial computing a reality.

During the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5th, Apple finally took the wraps off the eagerly awaited mixed-reality headset, and the Web3 community certainly couldn’t help but notice how its introduction could profoundly shape the evolution of the metaverse and crypto-arts. sphere. Here’s what people are saying.

Excitement and praise for Apple Vision Pro

Famous figures in both the Web3 and VR worlds have shown their enthusiasm for Apple’s latest product announcement. Reddit and Web3 funding venture Seven Seven Six founder Alexis Ohanian, Oculus VR founder Palmer Lucky and Gmoney all expressed enthusiasm for the headset and its capabilities.

Not everyone in Web3 is convinced

Among the fanfare and praise was a healthy amount of skepticism from both artists and builders in the NFT sphere. Post-photography wizard Roope Rainisto was among those who expressed concern about how apps in the Apple Vision Pro workspace would look and fit into a user’s field of vision. Others felt that the copy-paste way in which Apple projects its apps into physical space lacked the imagination needed to truly exploit the promise of spatial computing.

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Furthermore, Chana Kanzen, founder of London Women Leading Web3 and head of Rug Radio Partnerships, praised the technology but expressed skepticism about the fit and comfort of the glasses.

What is Web3 without satire?

Members of the NFT community were quick to poke fun at some of the more humorous aspects of the announcement, highlighting both Vision Pro’s high price point and how crypto-diggers can use the tool.

And of course, the community couldn’t resist using Vision Pro as a lens to comment on the SEC’s recent lawsuit against two of the biggest crypto exchanges around, Binance and Coinbase.

With an early 2024 release date in the works, the cautious and hopeful alike will have to wait to see exactly what Apple brings to market, but the possibility of the world’s largest technology company by revenue taking a serious shot at spatial computing is nothing to scoff at.

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