Best Apps to Bet Crypto – Access your coins on the go

Best Apps to Bet Crypto – Access your coins on the go
Best Apps to Bet Crypto – Access your coins on the go

The world is changing fast – especially the world of cryptocurrency. This requires crypto investors to make quick decisions. This article will tell you about the best app to bet crypto in 2022, including some of the most famous giants in the market as well as rising stars that offer great service with reduced fees.

Here is a quick summary of what staking is. With classic staking, you lock in your crypto assets for a certain period of time. Your locked tokens will contribute to the blockchain network. Basically, crypto stakes are similar to bank deposits, when investors also get their money locked up and get interest in return. When you bet crypto, you can also earn great rewards. Although there are several platforms that offer betting services, not all of them have good mobile equivalents. Keep reading to find out about the most profitable and user-friendly mobile apps available.

Best Crypto Betting App – Key Factors to Consider Before Signing Up

With all the information available online these days, it is simply unwise to make a decision without prior research. That’s what you’re doing right now – trying to compare different platforms to find the best crypto app for you. So invest your time in good research before investing your money. What is the best way to do it? Find 5-7 common aspects that are most important to you and compare the resources based on these characteristics. Here are the main ones to lean on when comparing the apps: fees, security and regulations, supported markets, tools and features, and ease of use.

● Fees

You need to dig deeper to find out about the fees you will be charged on different crypto trading apps. There are several types of fees, such as trading commissions, reward fees, withdrawal fees, etc. It is crucial to choose the right app before investing to ensure that you do not pay too much, as they can eat a good portion of your profit margin.

While many users are used to rewards and withdrawal fees, it may seem unexpected to some, but many platforms have deposit fees. Yes, you have to pay to put money in their wallet and the amount you are charged varies depending on the payment method (usually 3-5% for Visa and Mastercard payments).

● Safety and regulations

No matter what amount you deposit, the last thing you want to know is that your money was stolen by a crypto criminal from another continent. It’s one thing when you buy a cryptocurrency that suddenly drops – this was your decision and you are responsible for it. But it’s a completely different thing if someone steals your investment. Of course, we cannot be 100% even of the most regulated and secure platforms, but you must do everything that depends on you to avoid the loss. And that’s exactly what you can do – choose an officially registered and regulated app. All the apps on this list are safe and have a sufficient level of security so that you can sleep well when you deposit money and buy some coins.

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● Supported resources

Some of the apps focus on a select number of assets, while others offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. If you have already chosen the currencies you want to invest in, it is good to choose an app with 10-20 assets. However, it is best to register in an app that offers several cryptocurrencies and regularly adds new ones that will give you more flexibility and a chance to buy promising coins without having to jump between different wallets. Binance, and MyCointainer have the largest number of coins on offer with 1000+, 250+ and 150+ cryptocurrencies respectively.

● Tools and functions

Staking and HODLing are cool, but try to choose an app that will give you more opportunities to earn crypto. It’s important to strike a balance here – a wide range of features is cool, but when you first try to figure out how everything works, it can seem like too much to understand. Don’t be fooled by a desktop version of the platform. Sometimes the developers focus on it and the mobile app vaguely resembles the desktop version with very limited functionality.

If you are looking for a good crypto app, you definitely plan not only to track the rewards generated and the changes in the value of the coins, but also to be able to trade and exchange crypto from the app on the go. The 5 apps we included in the list have decent apps that allow you to access your money wherever and whenever you need.

● Ease of use

This factor is important for everyone, but is important for beginners who are just learning to earn crypto. In their case, poor user experience not only affects their impression of the app, but can also affect their success as crypto investors. Remember: a great crypto app should be able to give you all the information you need to see at once to make good buying or selling decisions on a much smaller screen than your computer. The most trusted platforms on this list were able to create highly user-friendly and efficient apps.

Now that you have the list of the most important factors for the assessment, you can analyze any app you come across to choose the best crypto app for staking, holding and selling cryptocurrency.

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Best apps to bet crypto – choose your favorite from the five below

It might be difficult for you to choose the best crypto apps to bet from the list of five apps we add below, but we assure you that these five will be the best you can find in the market.

1. MyCointainer

Like most of the apps on the list, the MyCointainer app gives you the ability to buy, sell, exchange, deposit and track crypto. With the MyCointainer app, you can also stake crypto and participate in airdrops. MyCointainer supports more than 150 assets and there are many payment methods available such as bank transfer (SEPA and SWIFT), debit/credit card, Wise as well as 10+ options. The beauty of the MyCointainer app lies in its simple UX combined with the detailed tracking of rewards you receive every day. You will also be charged the fee only when (and immediately after) you receive the reward. Overall, it is the best place to bet crypto for beginners looking for a good balance between simplicity and variety.

2. Binance

Binance has a great app for intermediate and advanced crypto players and traders. The trading commissions are very competitive and the list of cryptocurrencies is the longest on the market, so if you found out about a newly emerged coin that can bring you big profits, you will most likely find it on Binance. Overall, the Binance app gives you access to your wallet, crypto market analytics, buy/sell, deposit/withdraw crypto, and learning guides. As a beginner, you may be quite overwhelmed by the app’s functionality. So if you go for it, we suggest you try the features one by one to make sure you keep track of your assets and follow the changes in your wallet.

3. Coin base

Coinbase has one of the best mobile apps on the market with quite well-developed functionality and yet very beginner-friendly. The app supports over 50 cryptoassets that give you access to your wallet, including NFTs, games, communication with other users, DeFi pools, as well as buy and exchange functionality. You can also send and receive crypto to/from the other users. One of the disadvantages of the app is that the fees for buying crypto are quite high – up to 4%. Coinbase’s security is fantastic, from the availability of universal security tools like 2FA to cold storage support and the ability to block withdrawal requests for 48 hours if necessary.

4. currently supports more than 250 cryptocurrencies that you can buy with Visa or Mastercard and pay a 3% fee. This means that with their app you can create a great crypto portfolio with different assets that will allow you to win even when the value of any of them falls. has its own credit card which is an important factor for some investors. With, you can also earn extra profits by putting your money in a savings account and locking it up for a while. In addition, you can get a loan at, earn money back by paying with their native coin and send crypto to other users with 0% fees. With the user-friendly interface, even beginners can try their hand.

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5. eToro

eToro offers a secure wallet regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. The app is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors. With their mobile app, you get access to a large number of crypto market insights, your crypto portfolio and the eToro crypto community with the opportunity to learn from other investors. However, be aware that some regions are not included. For example, eToro is not available for users from Ukraine, but we are sure that their team is working to cover as many areas as possible in the near future. eToro offers just under 50 crypto assets and is a regulated crypto trading and betting platform. The good news is that they have no fees for USD deposits and support the most popular payment methods such as debit and credit cards, ACH, wire transfers and PayPal.

How to bet crypto on the MyCointainer app – staking can take up to 10 minutes

Although you might be used to betting on your laptop, you can think about how to bet crypto on an app since you don’t always have access to your computer, but sometimes you need to take quick steps to make the best possible profit . Crypto staking is available in the MyCointainer mobile app for both iOS and Android as well. Mobile staking is as easy as on the website: you buy the coin either by exchanging it for crypto assets you have in your wallet or with the cash you deposited earlier. It’s done – MyCointainer is now generating rewards for you. No need to lock up your assets or delegate them, just watch your portfolio grow right in your smartphone.

Staking app for crypto conclusions

These days, it is extremely important not only to consider aspects such as fees, security and available features, but also to look at the apps that do not have any lock-in periods. Your best crypto betting app should give you great rewards without locking your money for a month or even more. Thus, you will feel safer and enjoy the flexibility of earning crypto without additional risk.

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