Swedish fintech dreams are swinging from consumer-oriented to B2B

Swedish fintech dreams are swinging from consumer-oriented to B2B

Dreams AB, the financial wellness platform and leader in engagement banking solutions, announces the creation of a new entity, Dreams Technology, reflecting the company’s ongoing expansion into the B2B space.

After launching as a B2C money-saving app in the Nordics in 2016 – where it has helped over 500,000 users across Sweden and Norway become better at saving, investing and debt management – ​​Dreams Technology is building on the success of its consumer platform to expand into in the B2B space and focus exclusively on offering its proprietary financial wellness technology as a white-labeled and embedded B2B solution to banks worldwide.

The brand update marks the separation of Dreams AB into two separate B2C and B2B businesses, with the B2C unit now transitioning to Dreams Sustainable, established as a joint venture with BNP Paribas Group. Dreams AB continues to exist as the holding company for both Dreams Technology and Dreams Sustainable.

Dreams’ B2B arm, Dreams Technology, brings tangible business value to banks by helping them grow revenue through increased consumer engagement with their banking applications, attract new audiences and achieve ESG goals, while improving the financial well-being of their customers. By leveraging Dreams Technology’s end-to-end offering, financial institutions are able to effectively drive meaningful and personalized engagement with their customers, increase savings under management and assets under management by empowering customers to save and invest more, reduce default rates (which is particularly relevant now in facing the cost of living crisis), and deliver on their ESG commitment by effectively helping customers reduce their carbon footprint.

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The Dreams platform has been created together with leading behavioral researchers from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics. The company invested over 8 years of scientific research with 8 world-leading institutions and more than 30 external researchers to deliver radical new ways to increase bank customers’ digital engagement and financial well-being.

The Dreams Technology engagement banking platform – which operationalizes over 100 behavioral science insights and seamlessly integrates into banks’ existing digital applications – is designed to activate intrinsic motivation and drive sustainable behavioral change in banking customers by closing the intention-action gap, creating positive and impactful financial behaviors, and making money more emotional, accessible and effective for everyone.

Early adopters of Dreams Technology’s engagement banking solutions include market leaders such as BNP Paribas Group and Mastercard.

Henrik Rosvall, CEO and founder of Dreams Technology, comments:

“The rebranding marks an incredibly exciting time for our company as we look to ramp up our next phase of international expansion and consolidate our position as a market leader in the engagement banking space. The new direction of the company will enable a laser focus on growing our B2B business, supporting banks in create deeper and more valuable relationships with their customers, helping us achieve our core mission of making financially sustainable lifestyles an everyday reality for people.”

As the cost of living crisis sharpens its teeth and continues to cause financial anxiety for millions of households around the world, the need for banks to start encouraging their customers to adopt healthier financial behaviors is more important than ever, and we are confident that we can support them in that transition.”

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