Sort Raises $3.5M in Seed Funding for Spearhead Power Tools for Blockchain UI Development

Sort Raises .5M in Seed Funding for Spearhead Power Tools for Blockchain UI Development


SAN FRANCISCO, 22 May 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sortthe platform that facilitates Web3 app development has increased 3.5 million dollars in a seed funding round led by Lemniscap and The General Partnership, with participation from Alliance DAO, Punk DAO, Orange DAO, Blizzard Fund, Parasol, Red Rooster Ventures and a number of angels from Coinbase, Gemini and Snyk.

The funding will go towards expanding the Sort team, advancing the platform’s product suite and accelerating the launch of ‘Sort Applications’, the full stack for writing a user interface for a blockchain contract. Today’s announcement serves as the latest milestone in Sort’s mission to bring the next million developers into the Web3 ecosystem by creating a platform that is easy enough for anyone to use, regardless of skill level.

As a platform for Web3 UI components, Sort builds a user-centric development platform that allows developers to integrate data from smart contracts directly into their decentralized application with just a few lines of code. Users can start with a contract address and access a complete developer toolset for that contract, or simply cut and paste HTML/Javascript code directly into the front-end application to view live blockchain data. All data is served in real time, including push notifications for any contract event.

Before Web3, data was the product and API keys were used to gate access and create revenue, but in the Web3 era, revenue is generated from contract transactions such as coin exchanges or NFT transfers. Sort allows contract authors to entice developers to use their contracts and drive transactional activity, allowing anyone in the contract author’s community to build applications on the contract for free. Using Sort, users can seamlessly search for real-time contract transactions, logs, events, function results and NFT data. The platform also plans to leverage ChatGPT and LLMs to formulate SQL queries to populate user interfaces.

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Sort can be used as a complete backend as a service for decentralized applications, without the need for additional infrastructure. Applications can be hosted on decentralized platforms such as IPFS and Arweave, and access read-only, one-time API keys, eliminating the need to manage servers or hardware.

Jason Zucchettoco-founder of Sort, so: “Closing this seed round means a significant stamp of approval for our solution suite from a number of global investment heavyweights. We are excited by the prospect of outsourcing decentralized application development, while working closely with developers to extend more cutting-edge tools to the global community. The funding will provide gives us good financial runway to expand our product portfolio, add firepower to our team and drive mainstream dApp adoption.”

Roderik van der Graaffounder of Lemniscap, so: “Historically, writing decentralized applications has been extremely difficult, requiring intricate design skills and advanced technical knowledge. Sort is on a mission to simplify the art of developing Web3 apps, and help new segments of ecosystem participants realize their Web3 visions. The Sort founders are great industry champions for democratizing dApp development – ​​a vision we at Lemniscap wholeheartedly support.”

Anthony KlinePartner in The General Partnership, so: “The world has already benefited greatly from the power and elegance of blockchain, but the quality of developer tools has not kept pace. We are proud to invest in Sort’s seed round – a team at the forefront of developer tools, Web3 app development, and the needs of the ecosystem. We is particularly excited about Sort’s growth pipeline, and their potential to bring the next million developers to the blockchain.”

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Sort is a developer platform for Web3 UI components and the easiest way to build Web3 applications. Sort will bring the next million developers to Web3 by creating a platform that is easy enough for any developer to use. Users can start with a contract address and gain access to a full set of developer tools. By making Web3 development easy and fun, the next wave of web3 applications will take flight via Sort. For more information, visit

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Lemniscap is an investment firm that specializes in investments in emerging markets crypto assets and blockchain startup. Since its foundation in 2017, Lemniscap has financed several investments in crypto blockchain space, due to the fundamental belief that blockchain technology will upend traditional business models, resulting in profound changes in the world economy. The Lemniscap team consists of talented people with backgrounds in financial markets, PE/VC, technology and entrepreneurship. For more information, visit

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