Legendary fashion photographer Chen Man chooses Grimes as his muse for his first NFT collection exclusively on LiveArt

Legendary fashion photographer Chen Man chooses Grimes as his muse for his first NFT collection exclusively on LiveArt

New York, NY, May 22, 2023, Chainwire

LiveArt’s Chen Man release is in partnership with iv Gallery, a pioneer in the Web3 space with $60 million in art NFT sales to date

World-renowned photographer Chen Man features Grimes in an iconic NFT collection “Silent Noise: Episode 01” on May 24 at 15:00 UTC exclusively on LiveArt, the global Web3 art and culture platform founded by Sotheby’s and Christie’s art market veterans and backed by Binance Labs and Animoca Brands. The collection is offered exclusively at

Chen Man, a contemporary photographer and visual artist whom the New York Times called “The Chinese Annie Leibovitz” has created a unique visual language that revolutionized fashion photography in China. Over the years, Chen Man has continuously collaborated with world-leading magazines including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, iD, Muse and more. Chen Man’s works have entered the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum in London and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Chen Man’s work is collected by many high-profile collectors, with prints selling for up to $25,000. In April 2011, Chen Man had a solo exhibition at the Beijing Today Art Museum followed by another solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai. Chen Man’s muses include Rhianna, Miranda Kerr, David Beckham and Grimes. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and most of the major fashion houses have collaborated with Chen Man.

Chen Man has transcended the world of fashion to become an influential contemporary artist. She infuses the heritage of fashion photography with our modern digital reality, creating sublime images that transform our perception of beauty, fashion and identity.

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LiveArt introduces Chen Man to the global Web3 audience with the multi-chapter “Silent Noise” NFT series consisting of highly artistic works, with an underlying theme of the future of humanity and AI, details can be found on LiveArt, available at

Chen Man has chosen an iconic photo shoot with Grimes titled “The Last AI Robot On Earth,” to be released on May 24 on LiveArt, the day before Grimes gave birth to X AE A-Xii. Both Grimes and Chen Man share a passion for the study of AI, its origins and its possibilities. This shared passion fuels the underlying theme of Chen Man’s genesis Web3 project, a multi-chapter experiential deep dive into the imagination of one of the 21st century’s most important artists.

“This NFT collection has given me the opportunity to experiment more with photography. I am much more free to impose my own artistic vision into the genre, to push the boundaries of photography without any limitations. Photography is an imagination, it allows one dream, it allows artists to create new worlds. And when we create new worlds, we change the way we think about ourselves, says Chen Man.

“Just as Beeple carved a path in the Web3 art world for digital illustrators, Chen Man is doing the same for photographers looking to build a collector base for Web3 digital works,” says Vincent Harrison of iv gallery.

Chen Man’s mission is to create an interactive, safe, inclusive and engaging experience for audiences as they embark on this journey of discovery and adventure with her. Each “Silent Noise” drop will coincide with more chances to get $ART token rewards, unique 1/1 works and even participate in a photo shoot with Chen Man. As always, LiveArt will offer additional rewards to its X Card holders.

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A few lucky collectors will have the chance to be immortalized in the second chapter of this epic journey, “The Memory Brick”. As AI advances rapidly, human memory risks being manipulated, tampered with, distorted and even erased. “The Memory Brick” will combine physical/digital art and social commentary as a museum exhibition based on the recording and storage of the last biological memories.

“This is one of the most innovative, complete and well thought out projects we’ve seen – plus it has rockets, AI and Musks, who are tech royalty. The buzz is off the charts, I think it’s going to be pretty tough to get one, says Boris Pevzner, CEO of LiveArt.

“Silent Noise: Episode 01” will be offered as a limited edition of 500 NFTs at $100 each, to create an affordable and attractive entry level to the Chen Man universe. It will be available exclusively on LiveArt, available at

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