Solana will be the first blockchain to integrate artificial intelligence – BitcoinKE

Solana will be the first blockchain to integrate artificial intelligence – BitcoinKE


The Solana Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and developing the layer-1 Solana blockchain, has announced that it has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) using a ChatGPT plugin developed by Solana Labs.

The ChatGPT plugin is available as a download from GitHub and ‘serves as a reference for how AI can make it easier to understand Solana data and protocols, or surface data about Solana’s data infrastructure and DeFi projects.’

The add-on offers a number of features within the Solana ecosystem, such as the ability to:

  • Buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Transfer tokens
  • Examine transactions
  • Interpret public account data
  • Search for NFT collections based on their floor prices on the Solana blockchain

These features are expected to improve the user experience and provide convenient access to various blockchain-related activities on the Solana network.

“All developers building consumer-facing apps should think about how their app will interact with through an AI model because this is a new paradigm for telling computers what to do,” said Solana’s co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko.

In response to the growing interest and potential to explore the convergence between the Solana blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), the Solana Foundation has decided to significantly increase grant funding in this area. Originally pledging $1 million, the foundation has now expanded its commitment to $10 million and says it has received 50 applications so far.

Solana has also launched a 3-month accelerator program specifically designed for university students to provide support, mentorship and resources to a group of students exploring the intersection of blockchain and AI.

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The program received a significant number of applications from various projects and contributors, and one of the results of the AI ​​cohort is the development of an “Ask Solana U chatbot”.

The Solana ecosystem is also said to be making great strides by leaning into AI and several other projects already using AI technology:

  • The MarginFi Team introduced the Omni chatbot to answer questions about Solana and a number of Solana-based projects, including Meteora, Jupiter, Tensor, Mango Markets, Zeta, Kamino, Lido, Orca and many more.

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