LooBr.com comes in as the first comprehensive NFT marketplace that boosts social connections

LooBr.com comes in as the first comprehensive NFT marketplace that boosts social connections

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2022 / A new wave of greater hype hit the digital arena with the rampant rise of NFTs and eventually many NFT marketplaces arrived in space with their unique features. Among them all, the recently launched LooBr.com emerges as the first comprehensive NFT marketplace that unites the NFT ecosystem with various social media platforms.

LooBr, Wednesday 16 November 2022, Press release image

LooBr offers easy-to-use cross-chain embossing, a fully developed and seamlessly integrated social media platform, as well as the added security features of a third-party KYC option and end-to-end encryption. As a sister product of the metaverse, Luffy World, LooBr was created to be home to a wide variety of in-game assets, from wearable NFTs to event tickets and metaverse plots of land.

LooBr, Wednesday 16 November 2022, Press release image

LooBr’s unique combination of social media features is revolutionary for an NFT marketplace. In particular, there is a social feed, the ability to message creators or other users and post your NFT in the social feed with a link to the listing. Likes, comments and purchase history stay with NFT when it changes hands in LooBr, so you’re not only buying NFT, but all relevant data as well. Furthermore, LooBr’s newest feature is LooBr Stage, a streaming service where voice and video chats can be scheduled with many participants, public or private.

LooBr has also created a DAO, which makes it possible to recommend further improvements to the site, voted on by the community. With all these features that are innovative and unique for an NFT marketplace, LooBr.com stands out as one of the “OpenSea Killers.”

LooBr has perfectly merged art and commerce with rich, vibrant and immersive experiences. This further reinforces the unique qualities of items on the list and shows how the creators appreciate a proper display of art. With just a few clicks, LooBr.com can be experienced via the browser, or by downloading the Android or iOS app.

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The most unique features of LooBr.com to look into

Despite being a newly launched NFT marketplace, LooBr.com has established its reputation for innovation and style. LooBr has a wide variety of lucrative features all-in-one marketplace. Here’s a compilation highlighting the ten standout features

NFT surfing, coining, listing and trading via LooBr is enabled on multiple devices – browser, Android and iOS.

Cross-chain NFT minting and listing is enabled on a number of blockchain ecosystems – Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana and Cardano

Users can like and comment directly on NFTs. In addition to that, the history of the NFTs can be transferred with sales to subsequent buyers.

High level security and privacy are provided with advanced data encryption.

Connect creators and NFT enthusiasts in an integrated social media network.

Availability of user-friendly live timed NFT auctions.

Third party KYC service is offered as an option.

Increase the fame of NFTs by displaying them on LooBr.com, the Metaverse’s Ruffy World Art Gallery, and top bulletin boards.

Integrating a native DAO to improve the platform through community voting

Coolest of all is the LooBr Stage which enables the community to participate in live voice/video chat streaming

For all these integrated features, LooBr.com was recognized as the most innovative NFT marketplace at the Dubai Crypto Expo. You can experience the perfect integration of art and commerce yourself at LooBr.com.

About LooBr

LooBr.com is the second product of Meta Ruffy International FZCO, located in Dubai, UAE. Meta Luffy’s first product, Luffy World, is an entertainment-based metaverse. Meta Ruffy International FZCO is the vision of Cihan Sasmaz, Founder and CEO.

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Social Handles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/loobr_com
Telegram: https://t.me/loobr_com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loobr_com

Contact information:

Company: MetaRuffy
Website: https://loobr.com/
Contact name: Cihan Sasmaz
Email: [email protected]


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