Exclusive clip details NFT documentary from Tribeca, Minted

Exclusive clip details NFT documentary from Tribeca, Minted

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is a complicated field, especially because it is constantly evolving in sociopolitical and technological ways. For some they are art; to others, they are pyramid schemes tainted by insider trading and fraud. Either way, they are a unique 21st century medium and problem.

In the timely new documentary Embossed, director Nicholas Bruckman masterfully delves into the intricate and often confusing world of the $40 billion NFT digital art sphere. Through an amalgam of intimate interviews, fly-on-the-wall footage and surprising archival footage, Bruckman weaves together the multifaceted story of this ground-breaking (and possibly problematic) phenomenon.


The film introduces us to a rich tapestry of artists who have found success in this new artistic landscape, such as Beeple, the creator of the record-breaking $69 million NFT artwork. Say what you will about NFTs, but they have resulted in a strange and fascinating historical moment. You can check out an exclusive clip and synopsis below.

Minted Meditates on NFTs

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The synopsis for the film reads as follows:

Minted spans the entire arc of NFT mania, from its explosive beginnings in 2021 to its dramatic crash in 2022. Bruckman does not shy away from presenting the critical voices in the NFT conversation and gives ample screen time to critics who question the long- term viability, environmental impact and social implications of NFTs.

It is a fascinating exploration of the perils and possibilities of this volatile and vibrant world, offering insight into the very essence of human creativity, the value of art and the transformative power of technology.

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Following the premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, there will be an in-person Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 9.15pm at Village East Cinema. Filmmaker Nicholas Bruckman tried to be objective and informative without being overtly political or making any value judgments in the documentary, as he explains in this interview from the press notes:

“We wanted to avoid didacticism and challenge assumptions and preconceived notions about this world, so we tried to make sure that everyone in the film had credibility and engaged with the subject matter accurately, while being able to express such a complex world in a relatable way. camera.”

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“As time went on, the public controversies surrounding NFTs intensified, we felt it was important to take the audience ‘beyond the headlines’ and into a deeper exploration of how history unfolded in real time from the artist’s perspectives. We wanted to show how artists persevere in their craft and creation through the ups and downs of the market and public opinion, showing the resilience and adaptability of their self-expression, regardless of the tools they use.”

This self-expression has of course resulted in some backlash. Like cryptocurrency, there is growing suspicion and anger about the medium of NFTs and blockchains, but Bruckman believes they reflect the timeless human story of adaptation and evolution along new technologies and markets. “I believe that NFTs and blockchain represent a powerful tool for artists with incredible potential and implications for the future, and like all technology, they are fraught with risks and dangers that can be mitigated from increased public understanding,” Bruckman said in a director’s statement. He continued:

As public sentiment around NFTs has changed over the past two years, my hope is that the film will surprise audiences and make them see this world in a new and unexpected light. On a higher level, I hope the public will come in, perhaps to learn about NFTs, and ultimately discover a human story about the healing power of self-expression.

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