Disrupting the freelance market one blockchain at a time – why you should pay close attention

Disrupting the freelance market one blockchain at a time – why you should pay close attention


The freelance industry has undergone significant changes in recent decades, driven by globalization and increased digitalisation.

These changes have been facilitated by various technological advances, including the rise of blockchain technology.

This new technology has created new opportunities for increased transparency, reduced costs and improved efficiency in many industries.

Despite these technological advances, the centralized platforms that have traditionally dominated the freelance market have been criticized for their high fees and lack of transparency. Not only this, but they have failed to incorporate new technologies that are largely stuck in the past.

This has led to a growing demand for alternative platforms that can provide a more fair and equitable environment for freelancers while using more advanced tools and cutting-edge technology.

In response to this demand, DeeLance, a web3 coin project run “By Freelancers, For Freelancers,” seeks to change the power dynamics in the freelance industry.

Disrupting Gig-Economy Juggernauts with DeeLance

The main goal of DeeLance is to democratize the freelance market. DeeLance aims to displace existing intermediaries such as Upwork and Fiverr, which have been criticized for their perceived superiority over the past decade.

By developing a platform that uses cryptocurrency and NFT, DeeLance plans to establish a fair and equitable environment for both freelancers and employers.

The project has already attracted significant interest, raising over $1.31 million so far in pre-sales.

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A New Dawn for Freelancing: DeeLance’s Blueprint

The DeeLance platform will use blockchain technology to promote freelancing, employment and digital job ownership.

The ecosystem will include an NFT marketplace, an immersive metaverse, and an advanced freelancing and recruiting platform with lower fees.

This will provide new ways for professionals to make money in the growing digital economy.

The platform will simplify hiring processes and use secure escrow and NFTs to establish labor ownership while accepting cryptocurrency for fast and affordable payments.

Metaverse will provide a space for networking and collaboration, while NFT Marketplace will allow users to create, trade and showcase digital assets.

The $DLANCE token will act as the primary means of transaction on the DeeLance platform, unlocking a number of additional benefits for users in the future.

Nurturing success: Bitgert Ventures supports DLANCE

DeeLance has recently received a significant boost in the form of a strategic investment from Bitgert Ventures, a venture capital firm with extensive experience in investing in decentralized ecosystems with the potential to transform existing systems.

The investment is a total of 1.12 million dollars, which will be used to accelerate the development of DeeLance’s blockchain-based platform.

In addition to the funding, Bitgert’s support can offer valuable expertise, connections and business opportunities for the DeeLance project.

The approval from Bitgert Ventures could also pave the way for additional funding, positioning the web3 coin project for continued growth and success.

The Future of DeeLance: What’s Next?

The sale of DLANCE has exceeded expectations, raising a significant amount in a short time. DLANCE’s price has climbed to $0.038, showing strong investor interest.

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As the pre-sale progresses through stage 4, the hype is building around this disruptive web3 coin project.

Early investors have an attractive opportunity to invest in DLANCE at a lower price before the next token price increase to $0.043, which will happen when the presale reaches $1.7 million.

DLANCE is scheduled to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges at $0.057 per token.

The DeeLance team has outlined an ambitious roadmap for the platform’s future, with several key milestones set for 2023.

These include the launch of the DeeLance metaverse and marketplace, the introduction of a token staking program, and the development of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to govern the platform.

DeeLance also plans to expand its offerings beyond the freelance market, with future developments such as a decentralized e-commerce platform, a web3 social media platform, and a blockchain-based online learning platform.

DeeLance’s web3 freelancing solution has the potential to significantly impact the freelancing market by using blockchain technology to address the challenges faced by freelancers and employers. It will be interesting to keep a close eye on DeeLance’s progress through 2023.

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