Web3 By The Numbers: Key Metaverse, Crypto and NFT Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Web3 By The Numbers: Key Metaverse, Crypto and NFT Statistics Every Marketer Should Know
Web3 By The Numbers: Key Metaverse, Crypto and NFT Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

89.4 million Americans are expected to use virtual reality (VR) in 2022, according to eMarketer. That number, according to the same source, is expected to rise to 110.3 million in 2025

  • 51% of Gen Z and 48% of millennials envision doing some of their work in the metaverse over the next two years, according to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index 2022


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  • 38% of respondents said they would “try extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, or paragliding” in the metaverse according to a recent Statista survey called ‘What things would you do in the metaverse, but never in real life?’ Disturbingly, 18% of respondents said they would “conduct unethical experiments on virtual humans”

  • 87% of Americans between the ages of 13 and 56 will be interested in engaging with a virtual experience in the metaverse “that is built around a celebrity they love,” according to new research from UTA and Vox Media

  • $678 billion is predicted to be the total market value of the metaverse by 2030, according to Grand View Research. According to the report, the market cap was just $39 billion in 2021, giving it a projected compound annual growth rate over a 10-year period of around 39%

  • 46% of all people across age groups say that the ability to visualize a virtual product in an IRL context – “like viewing a digital painting in their home using augmented reality (AR) glasses” – is the primary factor that will motivate them to make a purchase in the metaverse, according to a Productsup survey

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  • 24% of US adult internet users say “cheaper VR headsets were a very important factor when deciding whether to try using the metaverse,” according to a recent Statista survey. On the other hand, 54% say their workplace that uses the metaverse would not [be] important at all” in their decision to try the metaverse

  • 15% of Generation Z’s “fun budget” is spent in the metaverse, according to a report by Razorfish and Vice Media Group. In five years, this figure is estimated to rise to 20%

  • Almost 77% believe that the metaverse “could cause serious harm to modern society,” according to a recent survey from the customer service platform Tidio. The survey, which received feedback from 1,000 participants, identified three main reasons for anxiety related to the metaverse and its potentially negative social consequences: “addiction to a simulated reality” was the biggest concern, followed by “privacy issues” and “mental health”. problems”, which was tied for second place

  • By 2026, around 2 billion people worldwide will “spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse to work, shop, go to school, socialize or eat entertainment,” according to McCann Worldgroup. In the same year, the total value of the virtual goods market in the metaverse could be as high as $200 billion

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  • NFTs

    • Over $37 billion has been spent on NFT marketplaces as of May 2022, per data from Chainalysis. At the current rate, this year’s NFT sales could potentially surpass last year’s, which had a total valuation of around $40 billion, according to the data

    • 91.8 million dollars was the sale price by ‘The Merge’ the most valuable NFT to date. Created by artist Pak, it sold for its record-breaking value in December 2021

    • 64% of sports fans are open to the idea of ​​learning more about NFTs and will consider purchasing one in the future, according to the National Research Group. The report also found that 46% of sports fans “would be more likely to attend live sporting events if they were rewarded with a commemorative NFT – for example, if their ticket became a digital collectible after the game”

    • Only 9% of people aged 16-44 own an NFT, and less than half (44%) have bought or invested in crypto, according to a new survey by the agency SCS. On the other hand, among the survey’s 600 respondents, 64% were “aware” of the metaverse, and 65% of that subset say they are “interested in exploring it further for everything from traveling to new places and playing games to earning money and shopping”


    • 54% of respondents believe it is very important that more brands accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, despite the recent crash in the crypto market, according to a recent survey by Klaviyo

    • $69,044. It is currently the record high value of Bitcoin, which the cryptocurrency achieved in November 2021, according to Forbes. Since March this year, the value of Bitcoin – the world’s most popular cryptocurrency – has fallen rapidly. It currently stands at just over $21,000, per data from Statista

    • 64% of ad spend in the cryptocurrency space for the first quarter of 2022 took place in February, with about $54 million spent on Super Bowl ads, according to MediaRadar. Spending on crypto ads fell sharply in March to around $20 million and again in April to around $10 million, per MediaRadar

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