Streakk Unveils Blockchain Framework That Can Handle 100,000 TPS

Streakk Unveils Blockchain Framework That Can Handle 100,000 TPS


Streakk Unveils Blockchain Framework That Can Handle 100,000 TPSStreakk has implemented a third-generation blockchain infrastructure one year ahead of schedule. The achievement is notable in Streakk’s strategic plan as the organization prepares for the release of the mainnet. Streak’s third-generation blockchain infrastructure enables developers and projects to establish their own blockchains. Streakk’s third-generation blockchain network offers solutions that are highly secure, scalable and fast. The network charges a flat transaction fee of $0.001 and can process up to 100,000 transactions per second. The confirmation period for transactions is between 2 and 4 seconds.

Streakk uses a distinctive consensus algorithm by integrating Proof of Stake (PoS) and Simple Time Protocol (STP). The STP protocol integrates a clock into the blockchain to authenticate the time that has passed between two events, thus leveraging a reliable clock. This feature enables network validators to determine the timestamp of events, thereby avoiding the need to verify with all the validators at their disposal each time a transaction is recorded.

The first implementation of blockchain technology is manifested in the form of the Streakk chain, which is a subsidiary chain developed on the Streakk Main Chain. Streak’s blockchain infrastructure is referred to as the main chain, while the blockchains created within it are recognized as secondary chains. The validators and governance mechanisms of each sidechain are completely independent. Therefore, the expansion of this infrastructure can be carried out independently of central banks, financial institutions, stable currencies and even private cryptocurrency projects.

Streakk is starting an incubation program for projects to be established on the Streakk blockchain in one of three methods:

Prior technical knowledge: Future builders will have access to an experienced Streakk technology team that will aim to support all their needs. This way, developers will be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to start building.

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Strong positioning for marketing: Future developers can leverage Streak’s 1.2 million+ users to expand their projects.

Financing: Streakk will provide funds to companies that build on the Streakk Blockchain to build and expand their projects.

On May 11, Streakk announced the release of a blockchain technology that is both fast and secure. The following day, 12 May, Streakk established its test network, which is an essential measure in preparation for the impending launch of the main network. The testnet enables developers and users to test third-generation blockchain infrastructure. End users will have the ability to perform testing and debugging of decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain protocols, while developers will have the ability to test and debug DApps and blockchain protocols.

The Streakk mainnet is scheduled to launch in August, which will pave the way for the development of several community-driven initiatives on the Streakk blockchain.


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