Spiritual Beings launch NFT Collection to save The King’s College from closure

Spiritual Beings launch NFT Collection to save The King’s College from closure

NEW YORK , April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Spiritual beingsa brand that brings spirituality to the web3 has launched its genesis collection to help save The King’s College from closing. Spiritual Beings has pledged 33% ($2.6 million) from the sold-out collection of 11,111 digital collectibles. The brand has also pledged to work with King’s College networks and the wider community to raise further funding.

King’s College is a private non-denominational Christian liberal arts college in New York City’s financial district with a core curriculum in politics, philosophy and economics and a commitment to the truths of Christianity and a biblical worldview. The predecessor institution was founded in 1938 in Belmar, New Jersey, by Percy Crawford. Facing significant financial challenges, King’s announced its possible closure in March 2023.

“As the parent of a current King’s Student, we decided to move up the launch of our Spiritual Beings collection to do everything we can to prevent the college from closing,” said Jody Chadban, co-founder and CEO of Spiritual Beings. “At the heart of Spiritual Beings is a desire to see people live the very best versions of themselves. We believe that spirituality is the foundation of personal growth and community building, and higher education plays a critical role in preparing individuals to become leaders and agents of change in the world. The King’s College mission is aligned with ours to build a community of like-minded individuals committed to transforming society through spirituality.”

The Spiritual Beings Collection contains 11,111 skeleton PFP art with varying attributes and rare elements inspired by the story of the Valley of the Dry Bones in the book of Ezekiel. According to Chadban, “History represents life, hope and transformation. Our skeleton PFP art is a visual manifestation of our hope and declaration for our community of holders. Things that feel fragmented and scattered, or even dead, can come together again through the journey of spirituality. Spiritual Beings is a collection based on a solid foundation – that we are more alike than we are different. We are spirit, mind and body. We are all spiritual beings.”

As well as providing financial support to prevent The King’s College from closing, those who purchase a Spiritual Beings digital collectible can use their digital collectible as a ticket to access all the events, experiences and benefits offered to the community of holders, including annual conferences and retreats, as well as virtual and real-world (IRL) gatherings led by spirit-filled artists and master craftspeople who explore spirituality through creativity, art, music, dance, food and more.

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The Spiritual Beings collection of 11,111 digital collectibles also includes two special 1/1 sets of 11 pieces each. The digital collectibles retail for $1,000 USD each or $750 USD using promo code ‘savings‘, and can be purchased with either a credit card or Ethereum on their website at: https://mint.spiritualbeings.io/

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Spiritual Beings is a brand that brings spirituality to web3 by exploring the deepest expression of who we are as spiritual beings. We offer our community creative ways to experience spirituality and connect with like-minded people at virtual and IRL events and experiences that encourage spiritual growth and connection. For more information on spiritual beings, visit www.spiritualbeings.io.

Jody Chadban
Co-founder and CEO, Spiritual Beings
Mobile: +61 493 365 571
Email: [email protected]

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