Sotheby’s Golden ‘Goose’ sale, Mercedes Benz NFTs and Nike team up with EA Sports

Sotheby’s Golden ‘Goose’ sale, Mercedes Benz NFTs and Nike team up with EA Sports

This week, Sotheby’s announced the next sale of rare NFTs from bankrupt 3AC’s coveted collection seized by liquidators in July 2022. The highlight of this sale is Dmitri Cherniak’s “The Goose”, which is expected to fetch a golden sum.

Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz has released a new NFT collection inspired by the luxury cars in motion, and Nike is bringing its digital drip to the EA Sports gaming ecosystem.

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Golden Goose: Sotheby’s is set to auction off a new round of prized NFTs seized from bankrupt crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital on June 15. The second sale of digital art from the “Grails” collection will feature 37 works from generative artists such as Dmitri Cherniak, Tyler Hobbs, Jeff Davis and more.

Rise of the ‘Maschine’: Digital art organization Fingerprints DAO collaborates with Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel and German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz on a new NFT collection that plays on themes such as speed and perception. The 1,000-edition generative art collection is supported by Mercedes-Benz NXT, the automaker’s new Web3 arm that focuses on digital collectibles and virtual experiences. It will be available via Fingerprints DAO’s website via a Dutch discount auction on June 7.

JUST SWOOSH It: Nike is bringing its .SWOOSH NFTs to the EA Sports gaming ecosystem, allowing EA Sports fans to “express their personal style through play.” While details are sparse, the partnership will focus on creating “immersive experiences” and “new levels of customization.” within the EA Sports ecosystem.

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WHO: NFT artist Fewocious

What: Fewocious, aka Victor Langlois, began creating colorful artwork in his early teens before slowly building a reputation for himself in the digital art space. Now 20, he has dropped snippets of his upcoming profile picture collection (PFP) called “Fewos”, which pays tribute to the world’s “Frankensteins, Misunderstoods and Humanoids”. Each NFT, minted as ERC-6551 tokens, is composed of hand-drawn features that were converted into 3D art.

When: The NFTs will be available in August via the FewoWorld website. You can learn more about the artist and the upcoming collection here.

Decent exposure: Getty Images released a new collection of images as NFTs titled “Exposure” through digital marketplace Candy.

China’s Web3 plans: The Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center in China has released a Web3 white paper promoting the development of new Internet technologies.

Hong Kong x Huobi: Crypto exchange Huobi announced that it joined the Hong Kong Virtual Assets Consortium (HKVAC) to support Hong Kong’s Web3 growth.

This week, a dubious NFT project called Pixel Penguins was promoted by crypto influencer Andrew Wang to his thousands of followers on Twitter. The project, which claimed to raise money for a digital artist with cancer, turned out to be a scam.

As the crypto space has evolved, so have the methods scammers use to prey on unsuspecting investors. And while NFT trading has grown, bad actors have found new ways to steal digital assets and obfuscate funds.

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