Poloniex partners with Octaloop for India Blockchain Tour

Poloniex partners with Octaloop for India Blockchain Tour
Poloniex partners with Octaloop for India Blockchain Tour

Octaloop is proud to announce the global crypto-asset exchange Poloniex as our partner for the India Blockchain Tour and Metamorphosis 2022. The India Blockchain Tour is a series of events conducted by Octaloop to help spread awareness about Web3 and blockchain technology, while gives industry professionals a path to network and growth.

Founded over eight years ago, Poloniex was born in the early days of the crypto industry. Since then, the veteran digital asset exchange has established itself globally as a trusted and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. Earlier this year, as part of its global expansion plans, Poloniex had announced its intentions to enter the Indian market through partnerships with existing firms in the country.

India is one of the largest markets for digital assets in the Asia-Pacific region, and Poloniex has expressed strong optimism about the future of crypto in the country. As a Web3 marketing and consulting firm, Octaloop is committed to encouraging more projects to build businesses around blockchain technology, a vision shared by Poloniex, who are keen to identify, promote and empower Indian tech talent.

India is a global leader in building software, and with how Web3 is changing the fintech landscape, we believe the country has a lot to offer this revolution. Blockchain is notoriously complex, making it challenging for mainstream audiences to adopt the technology, but by bringing some of the world’s brightest minds into the same room, we can educate people while finding ways to make crypto more accessible.

The India Blockchain Tour is a celebration of this potential, and a means to spread awareness about the benefits of decentralized finance and digital assets. Over the past few months, Octaloop has held meetups across the country, bringing together the Web3 community one city at a time with blockchain, drinks and small talk.

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Attendees will also have the chance to purchase tickets to our latest event in Bangalore – Metamorphosis 2022. To encourage India’s incredibly talented developer community to build on blockchain, Metamorphosis 2022 is a hybrid conference and hackathon, with grand prizes, talks from industry leaders and influencers , career opportunities and more.

To learn more about Metamorphosis 2022, the India Blockchain Tour and our schedule, check out the event page here.

About Octaloop

Octaloop is a blockchain consulting and marketing firm founded by Anupam Varshney, a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast and thought leader in the Indian blockchain space. In addition to working with some of the biggest brands in the Web3 arena, Octaloop also conducts physical and online events primarily aimed at cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals and businesses.

The team is also building Binamite, a solution that provides frictionless crypto payments to businesses and entrepreneurs. Binamite gives businesses the flexibility to pay with their preferred payment method, while allowing entrepreneurs to choose how much of their salary to split between fiat and cryptocurrencies. To learn more, check out Binamite.com.

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