New Donald Trump NFTs are hitting the market, but here’s the catch

New Donald Trump NFTs are hitting the market, but here’s the catch

On April 18, the 45th former US President, Donald Trump, announced the launch of his Series 2 of his NFT collection following the resounding success of his first.

According to Trump’s post on his social network Truth Social, the new collection consists of 47,000 tokens (2,000 more NFTs than the first) that will be minted on the Polygon network, maintaining the same price of $99 per token as the previous collection .

The embossing price remains the same

Donald Trump mentioned on social media that despite being able to increase the selling price of the new NFT collection due to growing market demand, he decided not to because he wanted his fans and supporters to make money and “have it have fun with it.”

“I could have raised the price MUCH HIGHER and I think it still would have sold well, with a lot more money coming my way, but I chose not to. I GET NO ‘NICE GUY’ CREDIT?”

However, it is likely that the owners of the first batch of NFTs are not having fun right now. This dump of new tokens crashed the floor price of the collection. According to Coingecko, the cheapest Trump NFT went from 0.4 ETH to somewhere close to 0.1 ETH after the announcement.

Price floor for the Donald Trump NFT collection. Image: Coingeck card

Judging by Donald Trump’s fortune, which Forbes estimates at over $2.5 billion, it’s clear that the former president doesn’t need to sell NFT collections or provide lavish dinners to collectors to increase his net worth.

As such, Trump’s real goal may be to remain relevant on social media as he prepares for a potential presidential campaign — assuming a scenario where he ends up winning a legal battle against his opponents — as the additional 2,000 tokens in the new collection highlight the number . “47” which would mean the next US President’s position.

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Trump made $1 million from the sale of the first NFT collection

As reported by The crypto potato recently, Trump may have made nearly $1 million from the sale of his first collection, launched on December 15, priced at $99 per NFT.

It featured various aspects of his life and presidential career through 45,000 unique NFTs, which offered various prizes such as autographs and dinners with the former president.

However, it is still unknown whether the project managers and the former president himself have fulfilled their part of the agreement, inviting winners to enjoy wonderful dinners at luxurious restaurants.

What is certain is that the former president’s fans and followers continue to grow and are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a piece of his digital life, especially now that the presidential election is approaching and rumors about Trump are increasing.

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