Netmarble’s upcoming 3v3 shooter with play-to-earn (NFT) elements is now available

Netmarble’s upcoming 3v3 shooter with play-to-earn (NFT) elements is now available
Netmarble’s upcoming 3v3 shooter with play-to-earn (NFT) elements is now available

Net marblea leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has announced that its casual shooter Golden Bros is now available at Android and iOS units. Golden Bros will be there NFT elements in real time 3v3 match between the teams.

Golden Bros is expected to achieve success with its extremely simple controls and intuitive combat rules that can be easily adopted by anyone. Players can also choose from a variety of maps to play where they can find their way strategies to win matches.

Golden Bros is Netmarble’s latest title to launch under the blockchain technology category

The battle in the game is short, as it lasts a little more than three minutes. Players will engage in 3v3 crypto combat that will motivate them to cooperate and outwit their enemies. The momentum of a team can change at any moment because Bros will occasionally get capsule abilities during gameplay that have a significant impact on the outcome of the match. In order to outwit their opponents, players must employ a variety of strategies, crafting their own configurations strategically and quickly reacting to the forces they receive on the battlefield.

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Nine unique costumes, with varying characters for Jennifer, Sugar-Sugar, Lady Thunder, and Margaret to wear during battle, would be highly anticipated by the fans. Depending on the costume rating, players will receive different specs in terms of durability, token earning rate and other things.

The game has been improved to offer a more stable, enjoyable gaming experience based on the findings from the early access phase. After the Grand Launch, all players who participated in the early access period will immediately have their early access token earnings (100 eBP = 1 red gadget) converted to Red Gadget. Maintaining a higher level will also give miners more chances to extract GBC and act as a deterrent against match-fixing, bot activity and unauthorized account creation.

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Teams can use a variety of game features, such as a simple control scheme, clear battle guidelines, and multiple maps, to develop unique battle strategies. Short battle durations, a variety of interesting and unique”Bro,” and the ability to create their own growth tree through skill configurations allows players to face new challenges with each match. English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, French, and German are just a few of the languages ​​that the game supports.

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