Machines Arena innovates on the Ronin network

Machines Arena innovates on the Ronin network

As the ever expanding Ronin network seems to be making a name for itself outside of the gravitational sphere of Axie Infinity, several new games have started to appear on their own. At the top of this list comes the hectic NFT party that is “The machine arena.’

Ticking all the boxes, The Machines Arena is the flagship blockchain title from industry veterans, Directive game. Through its gamer first philosophy, players can compete in a high-octane, adrenaline-filled top-down shooter and earn delicious NFTs for their trouble.

In the current deployment, participants can choose one of 9 heroes to send into battle, each of which will provide their own unique advantages on the battlefield. For example, Pyro has a formidable flamethrower weapon and has the ability to heal, while Bravo Zulu is equipped with a machine gun and the passive ability to lower the reload times of friendly players.

The game currently consists of two high-risk and high-reward game modes that Direct Games has developed specifically to get your blood pumping. PvP combat will see two teams of 4 players look to pulverize each other in a frantic no-holds-barred death match. While the single player death race will see individual players go against the clock in an attempt to stay alive.

Machines Arena takes a mature approach to Blockchain Tech

Unlike many games in the sphere, The Machines Arena uses a take-it-or-leave-it approach to blockchain technology. Essentially, it allows everyone to play the base game for free, but adds more modes and experiences that players can unlock with NFTs.

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That said, however, all of the NFTs in The Machines Arena must be earned into the game, with no primary sales events taking place. Once earned, players can put assets into the Ronin Network and, if they wish, sell them on the secondary market.

Machines Arena is currently in its closed beta phase, and those interested in participating can sign up now via the official website. In addition, it has partnered with the Epic Game Store as its official game launcher, and will launch a mobile version later this year.

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