Meet Lisk, a reporting Blockchain development platform that allows developers to build Blockchain apps in JavaScript

Meet Lisk, a reporting Blockchain development platform that allows developers to build Blockchain apps in JavaScript
Meet Lisk, a reporting Blockchain development platform that allows developers to build Blockchain apps in JavaScript

Founded by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in 2016, Lisk is a blockchain app development platform that aims to “enable more developers to build custom, scalable blockchain apps”.

Lisk says the JavaScript-based software development kit comes with all the tools developers need to create a blockchain app even if they are new to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The company reports being determined to bring more talent and entrepreneurship to the blockchain and crypto space to help the technology reach its full potential. The way it achieves this goal is by removing three of the biggest barriers to entry: advanced technical know-how, lack of interoperability, and funding.

An easier to use Blockchain app development platform

By creating an open-source, user-friendly platform based on JavaScript and TypeScript, any developer who knows these programming languages ​​can start working with blockchain even if they have never built a blockchain app before.

The Lisk SDK includes the application framework; a large library of Lisk elements, or separate packages of functionality that developers can install; and Lisk Commander, the command-line interface tool with an easy-to-use tool for coding blockchain apps.

This accessible blockchain development kit has the potential to be adapted to a variety of use cases, and the proof of that is in the apps already built on Lisk. The platform has been used to build everything from Enveti’s decentralized NFT social media platform to Colecti’s NFT marketplace to the immersive virtual reality of Topas City.

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Beyond the Lisk SDK, the Lisk ecosystem also offers:

  • Lisk Core, which allows operators to set up and run their own node in the Lisk network
  • Lisk Service, a layer between a blockchain app and a user interface (UI) such as Lisk Desktop or Lisk Mobile, allowing users to access all blockchain apps through these user interfaces
  • Lisk Improvement Protocols (LIPs), which act as a suggestion system to shape how the Lisk network evolves and improves over time

An interoperability solution across chains

The Lisk blockchain network is developing side chain technology that will make communication within the Lisk Ecosystem possible. Using certificates and timestamps to verify data, Lisk’s interoperability solution aims to one day make it easy for apps in the Lisk ecosystem to easily communicate with each other. This means that in the future it will be possible for these Lisk apps to work with other apps built on other blockchain networks.

This kind of interoperability could end up being key to the future of the blockchain space. Right now, with dozens of different networks that can’t talk to each other, it’s complicated and clunky to navigate the different blockchain apps a user will have access to on any given day. Imagine having to use a different browser for every website you want to visit today.

In order for all these different apps to interact and transact with Lisk’s main chain, they use its native utility token, LSK. Tokens are digital assets, including popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin BTC/USD and Ethereum ETH/USDbut also other digital assets such as governance tokens that give their owners a say in the future of a protocol or app or NFTs that act as ownership rights for unique real or digital assets.

Available for purchase on major exchanges such as Binance and, LSK is used to send transactions and vote delegates in Lisk’s delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism for validating and securing the blockchain. As the platform expands, LSK will offer more features for developers, including registering the blockchain apps they create.

A grant program to finance new projects in the Lisk ecosystem

Finally, the Lisk Grant program offers milestone-based funding to developers building apps with the Lisk SDK. The grant program awards approximately $1.3 million, paid in LSK tokens, to help new projects get off the ground.

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