Why DigiToads is the top tier NFT project with 10X potential

Why DigiToads is the top tier NFT project with 10X potential

Why DigiToads is the top tier NFT project with 10X potential

With the rise in popularity of cool nfts and an entire industry of investment opportunities created out of nowhere, DigiToads leads the way as the top tier NFT project if you want to see growth in the coming months. So if you want to bet trending NFTs, earn passive income, watch your portfolio flourish from pre-sale price increases and enjoy the best P2E mechanics on the planet, check out TOADS as soon as you can. In a crypto climate that has become harder to predict and harder to make money in, TOADS is the perfect opportunity if you want to see gains right out of the gate, and well into the future. New investors continue to flock to the TOADS ecosystem in a big way, and it combines NFT staking capabilities with a ton of other servant mechanics. Here’s why it could be the best option for your portfolio going forward, especially compared to other NFT projects like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity:

DigiToads (TOADS)

TOADS leads the way as arguably the best NFT project ever seen in crypto. That’s because it offers more ways to win and more ways to earn as part of the fully comprehensive web3 environment. If you want the opportunity to bet popular nfts for long-term passive income, TOADS has you covered thanks to a 2% tax that goes directly into the bet pool. This means that there will always be enough funds to pay out rewards in the long term. The best passive returns will be available to those who bet nfts the longest.

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TOADS’ innovative NFT staking mechanics are the perfect option for those who want a hands-on earning approach. But if you’d rather take a more active role, TOADS also offers a fully immersive P2E swamp arena that you can battle in for rewards each season, paid for with a different turnover fee. This will bring you fun, rewards and profits along the way, making it the best way to play and earn in crypto.

TOADS also has a ton of price momentum and is currently available at a discount of $0.042 before increasing to $0.055 on the official launch day, bringing automatic profits to early investors. The TOADS pre-sale continues to gain traction as it heads towards its new ico launch later this year, making now the perfect time to jump in.

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Sandbox (SAND)

With an open virtual world and tons of cool nfts as part of its universe, SAND has continued to gain traction as one of the better P2E cryptos out there. However, it can’t match the utility and growth potential that TOADS brings to the table, which is why investments in SAND have struggled somewhat of late. SAND may still have a bright future, but it doesn’t look as bright as TOADS.

Axie Infinity (AXIES)

Axie shares some similarities with TOADS as it allows users to collect and battle for rewards. It can be argued that both of these tokens are at the forefront of the next generation of P2E cryptos, but TOADS beats AXIS on almost every calculation. That’s why if you can only choose one, you should choose TOADS.

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AXIES and SAND are good options if you want P2E fun in the NFT universe, but they are not the best options; that position will be reserved for TOADS! DigiToads has everything needed for success through the presale and beyond, thanks to some of the best P2E mechanics ever seen, along with top NFTs and more. Check it out as soon as you can.

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