launches unique NFT collection with original artwork and AI launches unique NFT collection with original artwork and AI, a cutting-edge platform at the forefront of innovation, is thrilled to unveil its latest venture into the worlds of art and technology – a next-generation collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that merges the powerful artworks of talented artists with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI).

Featuring original artwork by Truty’s in-house artists, this ground-breaking collection provides a truly unique offering that blends cutting-edge blockchain technology with high-quality digital art. The minting is now live and you can be a part of this incredible journey by visiting or Open sea.

The Truty NFT collection encompasses a multitude of captivating artworks, including stunning paintings, fascinating illustrations and stunning digital designs. Each NFT represents an exceptional digital resource that is authenticated and verified on the blockchain, ensuring both authenticity and provenance.

Carefully crafted to capture the interest of art collectors and crypto enthusiasts alike, this collection offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of digital art that is both aesthetically pleasing and intrinsically valuable.

Each NFT in the Truty collection comes with a certificate of authenticity, which further confirms the artwork’s provenance and guarantees that it is a unique digital asset. Buying these unique NFTs is an exclusive experience only available through the website, using popular cryptocurrencies as a means of transaction. is committed to facilitating a seamless and secure NFT purchase process for its users. The platform utilizes advanced blockchain technology, which ensures that every transaction is secure and transparent. Furthermore, all NFTs are stored in secure digital wallets, which can only be accessed by their rightful owners.

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The Truty NFT collection features contributions from some of the best artists in the NFT industry. Among notable artists are Daniel, a contemporary painter known for his bold and vibrant abstractions, and John, a digital artist celebrated for his intricate and surreal designs. In addition, there are other illustrators known for their whimsical and playful style, all of whom have made invaluable contributions to this exceptional collection.

From contemporary paintings and illustrations to intricate digital designs, the Truty NFT collection offers a wide variety of styles and mediums, to suit the preferences of various art and crypto enthusiasts. Available for purchase exclusively through the secure website, the exclusive NFTs offer a convenient and secured method for buyers to acquire these unique digital assets.

Security and transparency are of utmost importance to, making it the ideal platform for NFT collectors and enthusiasts alike. By leveraging advanced blockchain technology, Truty ensures that every transaction is secure and transparent, providing peace of mind to all users.

Moreover, all NFTs are stored in secure digital wallets, protected by the latest advances in blockchain technology. With the Truty NFT collection, collectors can confidently acquire unique digital assets that are both visually stunning and intrinsically valuable, with the assurance that their investment is backed by the highest standards of blockchain security.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of digital art that pushes the boundaries of creativity and technology. Join us today and become a proud owner of a Truty NFT! For more information on updates, follow them further Twitter.

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