To empower developing countries with blockchain technology, MetaBank announces strategic solutions in Oxford

To empower developing countries with blockchain technology, MetaBank announces strategic solutions in Oxford

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Singapore-based MetaBank made its debut at the Blockchain Education Summit and Digital Civilization conference held at Oriel College in Oxford University on March 28, 2023. MetaBank’s CEO and COO shared the company’s mission and recent case studies in Lao PDR. The company’s core focus is to help developing countries transition to blockchain and digital civilization, with the aim of empowering individuals and businesses worldwide.

Founded by a team of bankers, lawyers and researchers, MetaBank is committed to shaping the world by leveraging blockchain technology, especially for developing countries in Asia. Developing countries in Southeast Asia, such as Lao PDR and Cambodia, have a lower rate of economic development and poor infrastructure that have endangered their famous cultural heritage, such as Angkor Wat and the city of Luang Prabang. Using blockchain technology, MetaBank aims to bring greater economic growth, helping these countries achieve leapfrogging development.

MetaBank has developed innovative strategic solutions centered around blockchain technology, with three core pillars that aim to revolutionize the digital space.

The first of these pillars is digital financial inclusion, which prioritizes the provision of digital financial services to everyone, regardless of income, social status or location. Second, the Sustainable Digitization Pillar advocates the fair and sustainable use of digital technologies to promote environmental responsibility and equitable access. The third pillar, the Digital Trust Ecosystem, prioritizes safe and reliable digital interactions through cutting-edge technologies, policies and practices. Blockchain technology is integral to achieving these goals and enables improvements in digital identity, supply chain management, public services, transparency and reduction of corruption. MetaBank also uses blockchain technology to promote cultural heritage preservation and financial exchange through NFTs.

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Frank Sui, founder and CEO of the company, said: “I founded MetaBank to help eradicate poverty and give everyone a chance to live a better life.” As an exclusive strategic partner of the Lao PDR government, MetaBank is running a national-level digital transformation project, using blockchain-powered digital assets as a viable solution to preserve the heritage of Buddhism in Lao PDR. LaoBuddhist.DAO will use NFTs to digitally promote Lao Buddhist culture worldwide, create digital financial income and increase currency reserves. The Luang Prabang Token (LPT) was issued based on Laos’ national blockchain technology to enhance the tourist experience by providing easy and convenient payment methods, thus preserving the national cultural heritage while promoting local economic development.

MetaBank’s ultimate mission is to offer financial services to those who are unbanked or underbanked. By using blockchain-based systems, local people can access financial services without needing a bank account. These projects allow people in developing countries who lack access to traditional banking systems to engage in economic activity and participate in the global economy. MetaBank’s innovative solutions are set to shape the future of digital transformation and empower individuals and businesses worldwide.

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MetaBank is a company that focuses on driving digital inclusion and accelerating the transition to a digital civilization. The company utilizes blockchain technology to offer innovative solutions and financial services, especially in developing countries in Asia.

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