The London Blockchain Conference 2023 starts with a vision for the future: impact

The London Blockchain Conference 2023 starts with a vision for the future: impact


On 31 May, technologists, lawyers, entrepreneurs and politicians took their seats for the opening of the 2023 London Blockchain Conference (LBC) at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center in London.

“This event is open to any blockchain platform that can scale to enterprise and government level, and is willing and able to work within all existing laws,” said LBC founder Calvin Ayre, kicking off the three-day event from a giant screen and beamed his image into the event’s Business Strategy Hall, one of two main stages occupied by LBC 2023.

“Over the next few days, we hope to offer the world a detailed preview of everything that a scalable, legal blockchain has to offer,” he said.

There could be few better venues in the whole of London to show the world that everything needed to unlock the real Web3 – massively scalable blockchain technology and the laws that govern it – is already here. The QEII is just a stone’s throw away from the famous Palace of Westminster, which is the seat of the Houses of Parliament in the UK. Hosting the world’s largest enterprise blockchain conference right on government turf and packed to capacity with speakers from some of the most recognized global brands in business, the message couldn’t be clearer: the door to enterprise and government blockchain adoption is wide open right now– We just need to go through it.

Calvin Ayre shares opening remarks

“There’s nothing about blockchain that makes them need separate regulation,” Ayre continued, preempting the oft-repeated but rarely true objection that the blockchain and digital asset industries are somehow still evolving and only operate in shades of gray .

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“All existing laws already apply to all tokens on all platforms,” ​​he added.

Although Ayre didn’t come right out and say it, it’s clear that the LBC event is purpose-built to prove just that. It is arguably the spirit in which the conference was touted as technology agnostic, opening the door to any compatible and usable (ie leave your speculative junk coins at the door) blockchain applications regardless of protocol.

“Despite advertising other platforms, this year we have not been able to find another platform – other than the original Bitcoin launched in 2009 – that is committed to unlimited scaling, nano-payments and full compliance with existing laws.” he explained.

“The BSV blockchain solves all the unique data valuation and identity management problems necessary for the future internet. BSV fixes the internet. With that said, this conference is about solutions to computer problems – not about technology. We welcome all blockchains that can scale without limits, work within all existing laws and serve the needs of businesses and governments. If you can tick those boxes, we’d love to hear from you,” said Ayre.

And then, after an interlude from conference chair and veteran tech journalist Lucy Hedges, the audience heard from someone who had a lot to say about what the impact of this revolution will look like: Christen Ager-Hanssen, CEO of nChain Group.

“Why are you here today?” he snapped to the crowd (it wasn’t a rhetorical question).

“Profit!” shouted one participant.


“Business!” (What kind?) “Any!”

“There’s a reason you’re here. There is a reason why I chose nChain. I chose this place… We will make history.”

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Christen Ager-Hanssen, CEO of nChain Group

Ager-Hanssen told the audience that until Web3, every single one of them – and everyone outside of this conference – has been misused and turned into a project of data hoarding by companies without returning any value to the people who created that data.

Not anymore, he said. Web3 is here. Now all that remains is for entrepreneurs to do as Ager-Hanssen has done: find the technology that can cope with the galaxy of transaction-generating IoT devices and exploit the potential of the Web3 world.

“I guarantee this ecosystem will be worth $1 trillion,” Ager-Hanssen said.

“We are changing the world. We’re making the world a better place because we’re building companies that disrupt every single second…and no other blockchain can do what we do,” he said.

Benefit. Accountability. Social influence. These are the core principles of a world that truly leverages Web3 – and that is the message of the London Blockchain Conference 2023.

It’s a bold approach for a blockchain conference to take, especially compared to the somewhat different tactics taken by similar events around the world. But as LBC 2023 kicked off this morning in a conference room packed with academics, big business, government representatives and brilliant legal minds, it began to look as if the digital asset industry is more than ready to leave behind its youthful beginnings in favor of something far more considerable.

Calvin Ayre shares final message for opening remarks

It is just as Calvin Ayre said in the last words of his opening message:

“You take risks for a reason – and fixing the internet was worth the risk.”

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