The Kialara Project celebrates ten years of storing Bitcoin through art

The Kialara Project celebrates ten years of storing Bitcoin through art

2023-03-14 12:02:08 ET

San Diego, USA, March 14, 2023, Chainwire

When Max Mellenbruch started creating Kialara ten years ago, few had heard much about bitcoin, let alone crypto art. The idea of ​​a cold box to preserve private keys over a long period of time, and protect them from physical deterioration, was quite innovative for its time.

A decade later, the concept, designed in a way that cannot be opened without being destroyed, has won the admiration of a loyal customer base who are keen to collect the different aesthetic and conceptual themes developed for each edition. Besides the protection of a meticulously hand-assembled case of precision-machined SUS304 stainless steel, the beauty itself plays the role of keeping the bitcoin balance intact, making the Kialara an exciting piece of contemporary art.

The latest edition, Kialara Builders, a tribute to the technologies that led to the emergence of Bitcoin, is crowned with a shiny piece of .999 Monocrystalline Silicon, perhaps the most important technological material of the last decades. The main character is a small robot made up of mining parts that represent the incessant “race to the block” carried out by every miner that makes up the Bitcoin network worldwide.

An upcoming release will mark a transition towards a trustless wallet model enabled by self-preserving design. With this release, Kialara responds to a growing Bitcoin trend, as the BTC supply held outside of centralized exchanges continues to increase. The ‘Builders’ edition is available for purchase on the Kialara website now, where individuals can also sign up to Kialara’s mailing list and be notified when the new edition is released.

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About Kialara

Collectors appreciate Kialara’s brilliant integration of innovative cold storage technology with world-class art. This integration is so absolute that the only way for owners to access the BTC they have funded within is to destroy the art. That’s Kialara’s paradox – and it’s brilliant. Kialara not only provides an unprecedented level of physical protection, but also powerful aesthetic and psychological motivation to hold onto your crypto wealth.

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