Post-NFTs on track to become the largest digital collectibles market worldwide

Post-NFTs on track to become the largest digital collectibles market worldwide

Stampsdaq Estonia OU, a dedicated NFT postal company, continues to develop one of the largest digital NFT collector markets worldwide with the introduction of Bhutan Post on its platform.

THIMPHU, TALLINN, 15 September 2022. Philatelists and NFT collectors worldwide can now own a piece of history as the entire historical collection of Bhutan Post, the national postal operator of the Kingdom of Bhutan, will be tokenized as an exclusive NFT Stamp Limited Edition collection, available only from

A multi-year exclusive partnership agreement between Bhutan Post and Stampsdaq Estonia will offer existing philatelists as well as the rapidly growing global community of NFT collectors an entertaining, interactive and rewarding NFT stamp collecting experience.

Available from 20 Septemberth, 2022, the rare collection from Bhutan Post will feature the famous 2014 historical stamp set “The 12 Deeds of Lord Buddha”. Each stamp in the set will have 5 NFT design variations ranging from common to unique. Bhutan Post aims to tokenize into NFT its entire historical philatelic collection of stamps to date, as well as issue new NFT stamps in the coming years.

Bhutan Post is also the first postal operator to introduce NFT stamps backed by lifelong Extra Benefits that have never existed so far for collectors of traditional stamps. Every collector of Bhutan NFT stamps, for example, will have a chance to win an exclusive travel experience to the Kingdom of Bhutan up to 4 times per year from 2023. The higher collection points on Stampsdaq, the greater the chance of winning a trip to Bhutan every quarter. Real-world experiences for NFT stamp collectors is one of the most important strategic elements of the NFT stamp collector experience on the platform.

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“Since its invention in 2017, NFT technology seems to solve the decades-old problem of secure accounting and digital ownership of various digital assets – images, videos, audio, etc., and it opened the doors to create truly legitimate and functional digital collectibles markets,” said Andrii Shapovalov, co-founder and CEO of Stampsdaq. “The postal industry, with its 182 years of philatelic heritage, has great potential to become one of the largest digital NFT collectors’ markets worldwide.”

“Since the end of 2020, Stampsdaq has introduced this opportunity to the majority of postal operators directly and via its affiliate membership at Post Group (Dot Post Group) and WADP (World Association for the Development of Philately) of the Universal Postal Union. And we are extremely happy and proud to have Bhutan Post as our first Asian partner and the first Asian operator to issue NFT stamps!”

Philatelic heritage comprises over 900,000 stamps issued throughout postal history, with an estimated market potential of around 25billion USD in annual secondary sales by 2035 in games-and-tools format promoted by Stampsdaq. With over 60 million existing stamp collectors and over 28 million active NFT wallets, at the end of 2021, this sales figure may even seem conservative!

“For many years, Bhutan Post has recognized philately for its core values ​​and principles to convey the county’s cultural, social and humanitarian values ​​to the world, says Karma Nidup, CEO of Bhutan Post.

“At the same time, our stamps have a proven track record of innovation, from the ‘World’s First 3D Stamps’ to the famous Talking Stamps Issue. Now, in an era of disruptive technological innovation, Bhutan Post also recognizes the potential and benefits of blockchain technology in general and NFT technology for philately in particular. After considering the options, we have made a decision to cooperate with Stampsdaq as their business model reflects our long-term view of the development of NFT Stamps. We both believe that creating additional utility benefits and live experiences for NFT stamp collectors is the way to develop value and collectability for Bhutan Posttheir NFT stamps.”

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Stampsdaq is evolving as a dedicated partnership platform to facilitate the needs and create opportunities for and between postal operators and the global community of digital collectors with mainstream adoption of NFT stamps in mind. Introducing new ways of interacting with stamp heritage, Stampsdaq also contributes to the development and rejuvenation of traditional stamp collecting as the underlying philatelic values ​​are now expanded and enriched by new opportunities offered by the digital world.

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About Bhutan Post

Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited (Bhutan Post) is the national postal operator of the Kingdom of Bhutan serving a national and international postal and parcel logistics for close to 800000 of the inhabitants. Bhutan’s stamps had been recognized by thousands of stamp collectors around the world, promoting the country’s nature, architecture, culture and social life.

About Stampsdaq

Stampsdaq is an EU-based NFT company founded in 2021 and exclusively dedicated to cooperation with postal operators worldwide. It has recently launched a marketplace for NFT tokens based on the Polygon Blockchain. The company promotes and implements the vision of creating an added utility and real experiences for owners of NFT stamps to increase interest in stamp collecting. Stampsdaq currently has several license agreements with various postal operators and is in active negotiations with over 50 postal operators worldwide. It is also an associate member of the .Post Group and WADP of the Universal Postal Union.

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