Polygon Blockchain is to be supported by Deutsche Telekom

Polygon Blockchain is to be supported by Deutsche Telekom


Deutsche Telekom has extended its support to Polygon Infrastructure as part of its efforts to expand blockchain activities. Also, Deutsche Telekom coming out in support of Polygon clarifies that the integrated telecommunications company is willing to support the ecosystem of Polygon at all possible levels.

As one of the hundred validators of the network, Deutsche Telekom will now offer staking and validation services for the Supernett and Proof of Stake network to Polygon. The move follows Flow, Q, Celo, Ethereum and Chainlink being part of the list.

On a larger level, Deutsche Telekom will act as a full node to strengthen the security, decentralization and governance of the ecosystem. It will also produce blocks, participate in consensus and validate transactions.

Dirk Roder of Deutsche Telekom has praised the Polygon Network for being resource-efficient and developer-friendly, adding that the ecosystem is based on security standards that are quite high in the industry. The head of the Blockchain Solutions Center has called their collaboration with Polygon a important stepand highlights that they now look forward to harnessing the potential of blockchain technology and enabling applications that have the capacity for mass distribution.

But that said, it remains to be seen how high the polygon will go after the announcement. The price is currently trading around $0.8906. There is an increase of 0.19% in the last 24 hours. According to the estimate, there is a chance that Polygon will cross the $2 mark by the end of 2023. Alternatively, it may stick to the value of $0.85 by the end of the year.

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Michael Blank from Polygon Labs is optimistic about the collaboration, saying it will certainly make room for businesses to embrace blockchain technology. The Chief Operating Officer has expressed his excitement about the collaboration while also welcoming him on board as a validator. Another important advance that the partnership is likely to make is to allow customers to explore the nature of ownership and autonomy of Web3.

Securing, or rather promoting, Polygon’s blockchain network can be seen as something very crucial, considering that its PoS-based network houses over a thousand decentralized applications, also known as dApps. The network processes over 3 million transactions every day with a Total Value Locked of $1.2 billion.

Supernets are equally important, as they enable developers to create high-performance dApps that can be customized for each customer according to their requirements. Projects that utilize Supernett gain access to the freedom to set their own gas currency, throughput, requirements for gas limits and other similar tools.

The Ethereum Mainnet is the backbone, and its support comes in the form of making transactions economical and secure. Deutsche Telekom announced its support for Polygon’s Blockchain infrastructure comes a day after Polygon Labs introduced a mechanism for seamless checkout after purchasing an NFT. No matter the token or chain, users can proceed with the NFT checkout with a single click, thanks to The Box, which handles token exchange, bridging and purchases – primary or secondary.


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