Nifty Orchard Companion app for NFT aficionados!

Nifty Orchard Companion app for NFT aficionados!

Since NFTs came into the limelight, the question on everyone’s lips has been, “how do I show off my sweet JPEGs on the go?” Well then, in answer to this age-old riddle, Jamie Anson has stormed in Great orchardthe perfect companion app for NFT collectors on the go!

Coming from one of the OGs of the London NFT scene, Jamie Anson, Nifty Orchard offers a feature-packed application dedicated exclusively to Non-Fungible Token. As a result, users can interact with their coveted NFT collectibles right from the palm of their hand, whether online or offline, as well as follow the NFT movements of their favorite collectors and celebrities.

Currently in its beta rollout, Nifty Orchard allows users to import NFTs by connecting it to any wallet address. This enables them to curate their own NFT galleries, download high-resolution copies and zoom in to inspect the finer details, and add notes, photos, links and tweets to their art and collectibles. Furthermore, Nifty Orchard also has a notification feature for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) renewals to prevent owners from losing the coveted ENS domain.

Access the APP via Apple TestFlight >> Here

Nifty Orchard allows owners to safely display their sweet NFTs

Nifty Orchard has a number of innovative built-in features that close the door to any kind of NFT fraud or theft. First, linking a wallet address does not require any transactions, and therefore does not have the ability to send or receive NFTs. This means users can hand their device to a perfect stranger and have no way of making off with their prized possessions. Second, those looking for that extra layer of security can also proudly display their NFTs from the safety of offline mode.

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Project founder Jamie Anson is a pioneer in the blockchain scene in London, spearheading amazing events such as Ethereum London, NFT.LDN and Rotate NFT Gallery. He germinated the concept of Nifty Orchard during the Covid lockdown while considering the lack of real access to showcase NFTs. Now, after extensive development and countless improvements, Nifty Orchard has entered its important beta phase.

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