NFT IRL: The Crypt Gallery Brings Digital Art to Life 2023 | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 culture

NFT IRL: The Crypt Gallery Brings Digital Art to Life 2023 |  NFT CULTURE |  NFT News |  Web3 culture

NFTNYC 2023, the biggest NFT event of the year, is just around the corner and The Crypt Gallery is ready to host a spectacular event during this two-day extravaganza on April 13th and 14th. Crypt Gallery, the world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry, aims to bring life to the digital marketplace by creating interactive and memorable personal experiences.

The event will feature a master list of confirmed artists whose work will be exhibited in person, including Abana, Andrea Bonaceto, Bryan Brinkman and many others. Visitors can also experience live minting sessions where ten artists, including JOY and Michael Kutsche, will create new works of art in real time.

Aside from exhibiting art, the event will feature live art performances by Gabe Weis, JOY’s virtual reality experience and Mister G’s MRRC. For those interested in collecting physical art, the event will feature physical prints and NFT auctions with Trevor Jones, Violet and Ethik Design.

The event will also have a philanthropic element, with NFT giveaways by Jose Delbo and NoCreative and a charity auction in support of various causes.

Keynote speeches from industry leaders will be a highlight of the event. They will share their insights into the future of NFTs and their impact on various industries. The lineup includes Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, and Devin Finzer, CEO of OpenSea.

The event will also feature a VIP poker tournament hosted by Jonathan Little and the Court of Degeneracy and a comedy show featuring Ari Shiffir, Myq Kaplan, Matt Richards, Caitlin Peluffo and Shane Mauss.

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NFTNYC 2023 is a testament to the growing popularity of NFTs and their impact on the art world. The Crypt Gallery is at the forefront of this movement, providing a physical home for digital art and leveraging the existing community while onboarding and growing the industry. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of the future of NFTs at The Crypt Gallery’s event during NFTNYC 2023!

The Who’s Who of artists attending The Crypt Event

  • Abana
  • Alien Queen
  • Andrea Bonaceto
  • Anita Sadowska
  • Coldie
  • Michael Benisty
  • Bryan Brinkman
  • Brooke DiDonato
  • Mae
  • noCreative
  • C’mon
  • DanaUlama
  • PasanenJenni
  • Delta Sauce
  • Summer Wagner
  • Joanne Hollings
  • P1A
  • Eva Eller
  • Break Your Crayons
  • Eva Eller
  • Break Your Crayons
  • Carlos Luna James
  • Dave Krugman
  • David Henry None
  • David Bianchi
  • Emanuele Ferrari
  • Fernando Samalot
  • Gabe Weiss
  • Gio / TooMuchLag / Rudcef
  • Idil Dursun
  • J Marino
  • JN Silva
  • Jose Delbo
  • Jstn graphics
  • Rizacan Kumas
  • Laura E
  • Rene Makela / Makelismos
  • Michael Kutsche
  • NessGraphics
  • Have a nice day Jules
  • Noealz
  • Perry Cooper
  • Ray
  • Ryan Koopmans
  • Silly Gabe
  • Steve Joester
  • Synchro dogs
  • TedsLittleDream
  • TooMuchLag
  • Trevor Jones
  • Violet Jones
  • Design ethics
  • Young and sick

About Crypt Gallery

The Crypt Gallery is a pioneering NFT gallery located in Dream Hollywood in Los Angeles and Dream Downtown in New York City. As the world’s first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry, it offers guests a unique opportunity to experience digital art in a tangible and interactive way.

The gallery’s mission is to build a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, while creating immersive and engaging events that educate and bring a new audience to the NFT space. Crypt Gallery aims to represent NFTs in a high traffic and trending location, while providing a physical home for artists, collectors, communities and the industry as a whole.

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Beyond growing the NFT industry, The Crypt Gallery also uses its platform to give back and benefit from the existing community. It is committed to creating a space that acts as a hub for artists and collectors alike, while also contributing to charitable causes.

With a focus on inclusion and accessibility, The Crypt Gallery is on a mission to revolutionize the way we experience and engage with digital art.

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