Men’s Paris Fashion Week Web3 upgrade, Mercedes-Benz unveils new NFT program: Web3 drops of the week

Men’s Paris Fashion Week Web3 upgrade, Mercedes-Benz unveils new NFT program: Web3 drops of the week

This week, Louis Vuitton’s long-awaited expansion into the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market made headlines across both the luxury and Web3 landscapes – and its arrival did not disappoint. You can read more about it here.

In other news, after a groundbreaking run with its first NFT release, Nike’s .Swoosh the platform has teamed up with EA Sports to delve deeper into the lucrative online gaming sector. Speaking of metaverse membership programs, the launch of Mercedes-Benz’s NXT platform has also got automotive and Web3 enthusiasts talking.

The new venture from the luxury car brand dropped its first NFT this week, in partnership with Fingerprints DAO. Positioned against long-term supporters, the artistic venture consolidates Mercedes-Benz’s virtual strategy. With membership programs on everyone’s radar right now, this year is set to see a more steady and thoughtful approach to NFT activations; one that no longer relies on hype, but champions merit instead.

Nike’s .Swoosh platform partners with gaming giant EA Sports

What happened: On June 1, Nike’s new digital .Swoosh community announced that it would be partnering with EA Sports to create digital collectibles for the gaming giant’s future titles. EA Sports is the parent company of several notable esports games, including FIFA and Madden NFL. The pairing aims to provide new opportunities for self-expression in these online communities by merging individual styles with sports.

The verdict: Nike’s fledgling .Swoosh platform got off to a great start with its OF1 Box project, generating over $1.9 million in revenue from over 50,000 collectors. With the hub diving headfirst into the $197 billion online gaming market, it looks set to be a success in its next venture. It’s a smart move to tap into an industry storm as prominent as EA Sports. But what does Nike’s solo success mean in the space for the collaboration with Web3 studio RTFKT?

Mercedes-Benz’s new Web3 arm takes its first artistic venture in collaboration with Fingerprints DAO. Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz launches new Web3 member platform with NFT release

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What happened: In collaboration with Harm van den Dorpel and Fingerprints DAO, Mercedes-Benz dropped 1,000 unique NFTs on June 7, each depicting the theme of speed and fast-moving car wheels. This is the first drop to come from the car’s new Web3 arm, NXT, which is foraying into the lucrative world of digital art and introducing a new luxury experience to the brand’s fan base.

The verdict: After Porsche’s NFT flopped in January this year, luxury car competitors have been revamping their activations and Web3 skills to reassure communities and get ahead of the game. The same goes for Mercedes-Benz, whose metaverse strategy has been focused on streamlining its digital projects, including its new Web3 arm NXT, which launched in May, and investing heavily in cultivating a strong online reputation as an early adopter. Dubbed “Maschine,” this first drop to arrive from NXT has kicked off the platform in a positive way, selling out in less than 24 hours.

Gmoney’s 9dcc continues its global takeover by hitting Paris Fashion Week Men’s. Photo: 9dcc

Gmoney brings Web3 streetwear to Paris Fashion Week with Jeff Staple

What happened: Gmoney’s luxury brand 9dcc has teamed up with Stapleverse, the Web3 platform created by streetwear pioneer Jeff Staple, to launch a new product during Paris Fashion Week for men. The collaboration introduces a limited edition baseball cap, with an NFC chip and digital twin NFT. Only 250 pieces of this release will be made available. Owners can expect benefits including gamification activities and personalized POAPs. The digital collectible can also be worn by the owner’s Stapleverse Sapienz avatar.

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The verdict: 9dcc has grown from a Web3 native brand into one of streetwear’s most exciting new kids on the block. The latest tie-in takes this presence in the fashion scene one step further, tapping the esteemed Paris Fashion Week men’s calendar to drop its latest product. Teaming up with a sneakerhead and creative as prominent as Staple is set to bring 9dcc onto the radars of classic streetwear aficionados—who may not fully understand how Web3 works, but certainly understand Staples’ influence on the street fashion scene.

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