How Shark Tank played a role in the popularity of round21 NFTs

How Shark Tank played a role in the popularity of round21 NFTs
How Shark Tank played a role in the popularity of round21 NFTs

Are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) about to surpass the popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin? While this is debatable, the association of big names such as singer Madonna and tennis player Coco Gauff suggests that NFTs are a big thing when it comes to fame.

And all of this has come at a time when cryptocurrencies are undergoing a deep subdued phase, with assets such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin down more than 50% on an annualized basis (YTD). The last participant in the NFT area is Round 21, which marks itself as round21. The project appeared on Shark Tank in March this year, where round21 founder Jasmine Maietta presented it as a “digi-fizzy” business model.

Let’s explore more.

What is round21 NFT?

round21 projects itself as more than just NFTs. The main focus is on sports, including basketball, football and ping pong. The brand is also interested in clothing, where it has partnered with sports leagues such as the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). It also sells products such as ping pong balls and sports stickers.

What makes round21 interesting for blockchain enthusiasts is the NFT collection? The founder has presented the ecosystem as a combination of digital and physical worlds. NFTs are mainly digital registrations of ownership, registered on a blockchain network. round21 says that their digital collectibles can help holders access the entire ecosystem of round21.

Where are round21 NFTs listed?

round21 uses several marketplaces, including OpenSea and RareRooms, to bring NFT enthusiasts closer to their downfall.

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One of the collections at OpenSea is a mix of round21 and BAYC. Holders of NFTs from this collection were given access to pre-order limited edition (physical) basketballs from round 21. Other round21 partnerships include one with Sierato (sneakers), and one with Budweiser, according to round21’s official website.

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Known NFTs

round21 NFT’s Shark Tank connector seems to have made them popular with NFT enthusiasts. However, the collectibles for round21 have not yet been sold for very high prices. BAYC and CryptoPunk assets, for example, have been bought by enthusiasts by spending millions of dollars. Artists like Beeple and Pak are also both popular and expensive in the NFT verse.

Sales price on Beeples NFTs

The bottom line

round21 claims to be a mix of physical and digital worlds, powered by blockchain, which it calls “digi-fizzy”. round21 NFTs have not yet attracted the prices that can match the selling prices of any of the assets of BAYC and CryptoPunk. The popularity of round21 seems to have been triggered by the founder Jasmine Maietta’s appearance on Shark Tank, where she entered into an agreement with the shark Kevin O’Leary. However, the agreement has not yet been finalized, allegedly.

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