Foreon Network (FRN) Announces Its Groundbreaking NFT Sale for Cardano (ADA) Enthusiasts

Foreon Network (FRN) Announces Its Groundbreaking NFT Sale for Cardano (ADA) Enthusiasts

Vladislav Sopov

This is how cryptocurrency fans can claim the first time NFT visits the new project Foreon Network (FRN)

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Focused on building a large and passionate community, Foreon Network (FRN), a prediction market protocol on Cardano (ADA), announces the start of its first ever sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Foreon Network (FRN) first NFT sale starts

According to the official announcement shared by Foreon Network (FRN)a decentralized PM platform on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, its first round of NFT sales went live on May 29, 2023.

In total, the Foreon Network (FRN) team will create 80 Foreon NFT chips through seamless embossing technology. The coin price for tokens is set at 10,000 ADA (about $3,800 equivalent); the team is going to allocate 10% of net FRN supply to the mint.

Each whitelisted wallet can apply for a maximum of five NFTs, to ensure the most democratic and inclusive participation possible.

The Foreon Network (FRN) NFTs are equipped with a couple of amazing tools. Not only do they represent exclusive digital collectibles, but they also serve as “utility tokens” to receive premium benefits on the Foreon Network (FRN) prediction market platform.

As the Foreon Network (FRN) migrates to a fully decentralized model, all holders of these NFTs will be able to open markets and then receive financial bonuses with fees at each market settlement.

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The NFT sale campaign will last until July 13, 2023 (17:00 UTC).

Welcome airdrop for all early birds

According to statistics provided by the Foreon Network (FRN) team, at least 20% of the entire NFT supply allocation for the campaign has already been claimed within the first 24 hours.

Besides NFT-related tools themselves, holding Foreon Network (FRN) collectibles automatically qualifies as an entry ticket to the FRN airport. A total of 12,500 Foreon Network (FRN) tokens will be awarded to participants in the airdrop.

As such, the two-phase Q2, 2023 airdrop campaign, which includes coin distribution and NFT claims, is designed to introduce Foreon Network (FRN) solutions to a larger audience and give its long-term supporters another opportunity to earn passively . The utility of both FRN tokens and NFTs by the Foreon Network will improve as the protocol matures.

Introducing next-generation prediction markets to the Cardano (ADA) dApps ecosystem: What is the Foreon Network (FRN)?

As covered by U.Today previously, the Foreon Network (FRN) is a protocol that advances the prediction market capabilities of the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem.

Introduced to the general public in May 2023, it supports the same features that made popular on-chain PMs from previous generations starting with Gnosis (GNO) and Augur (REP). However, it addresses major bottlenecks of this type of product, including high fees, participation restrictions, and so on.

With the Foreon Network, everyone can benefit from publishing their forecasts on various real-world events. Working with the protocol does not require additional skills in crypto, trading, blockchain and Web3.

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The protocol uses Cardano (ADA), the largest proof-of-stake (PoS) network as its technical foundation. As such, it benefits from competitive throughput, full decentralization, high operating speed and low fees.

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