Fintech Startup Paymee does not secure revealed 6-digit financing

Fintech Startup Paymee does not secure revealed 6-digit financing

Paymee, a Tunisian fintech company offering an online payment gateway, has completed a six-digit fundraising round with P1 Ventures as its main investor.

The start-up specializes in digitizing payment processes and delivering card-based payment receipt solutions online.

Any website and mobile application can include the solution. Without a website, companies and SMEs can still offer customers’ payment links.

Paymee specializes in offering cutting-edge payment systems that enable businesses to accept digital payments and increase sales.

A QR code replacing POS terminals was just released by Paymee. It is a QR code with a fixed image and a variable quantity.

The founder of Paymee, Marwen Amamou, expressed his opinion that this fundraiser will support Paymee’s goal of expanding the product and attracting new talent.

The company is already known for the efficiency and convenience of its payment solutions, and now wants to dominate the Tunisian market.

At the heart of Paymee’s research and development efforts to meet customer needs and streamline client operations.

The company will use the money to expand its business offering and increase the pace of product development. A venture capital firm focusing on early-stage African FinTech is P1 Ventures.

“We have been pleased with the product quality that enabled Paymee to become a reference partner for worldwide brands such as Shopify to enable Tunisian retailers to make payments online,” commented Mikael Hajjar, General Partner of P1 Ventures.

Marwen is also a very determined and ambitious businesswoman who constantly comes up with innovative features such as QR codes, which are a fantastic substitute for collection for logistics customers such as Aramex.

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Techbuild’s Take

The recent increase in online transactions is proof of how important payment inputs are for organizations.

Payment gateways are programs that handle credit card transactions for your business. They are an advantage for all companies because they ensure that transactions go smoothly and safely, and they reduce losses caused by late payments.

If you communicate with a payment processor such as Paymee, your consumers can make payments whenever they want, regardless of who manages the store.

Giving customers the freedom to shop whenever they want will make both you and them more convenient.

In general, payment gateways streamline the online payment procedure for your business and help you receive payments faster, easier and more securely.

Paymee is a payment gateway, which is what you need if you have thoughts about accepting payments online or want to improve the system you already have in place. The platform also includes other tools, such as the QR code, to enhance the user experience.

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