Fintech CoinFlip opens ‘Crypto Experience Centre’ in Florida

Fintech CoinFlip opens ‘Crypto Experience Centre’ in Florida

CoinFlip, a cryptocurrency-powered fintech company, has opened a “Crypto Experience Center” (CEC) in Tampa, Florida for people to explore the world of cryptocurrency.

The company, which operates a network of cryptocurrency ATMs that support the buying and selling of major cryptocurrencies with cash, has also opened a new engineering center and other corporate offices adjacent to CEC in Tampa’s Sparkman Wharf.

Customers can order to receive support from ‘crypto guides’ to receive support in completing secure transactions at CoinFlip’s on-site bitcoin ATMs and over-the-counter trading desks.

Open seven days a week from 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM ET, CEC will also host free, scheduled events and workshops as well as one-on-one appointments to provide an introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and show customers how to set up a wallet.

“Bringing this customer-facing experience to life is one of many ground-breaking moves on the horizon for CoinFlip” said Ben Weiss, CEO and co-founder of CoinFlip. “As the market continues to grow and cryptocurrency use cases expand, the need for education and guidance is critical to the development of the industry, and we look forward to driving that momentum.”

CoinFlip celebrated the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Tampa’s mayor Jane Castorwho said: Innovation has been a key pillar of our city, and the opportunities are endless for businesses looking to call Tampa home. We look forward to supporting CoinFlip and its educational initiatives for our community, further demonstrating Tampa’s status as a technology hub.”

Let’s get phygital

CoinFlip has also partnered with imnotArt, a Chicago-based metaverse development company, to immerse guests in both a physical and digital (phygital) experience. A digital copy of the CEC is built in the metaverse and can be explored via mobile phone, tablet or web browser.

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Visitors are also invited to view a curated NFT art gallery featuring work from Tampa artists displayed on Meural digital frames from NETGEAR.

Rory Herriman, head of strategy and technology at CoinFlip, said, “We are confident that tapping into Tampa’s best talent pool will help our team develop the technology of the future as we enter the next stage of growth of our company.

“In our first year in Tampa, we aim to create more than 40 new jobs that will lead the development of new technologies in the blockchain and web3 space. By positioning our innovation team in the same city as our CEC, we are able to fulfilling our mission to be a fully customer-centric technology company.”

CoinFlip’s second location in Tampa builds on the flagship in Chicago.

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