Crypto App, the industry’s all-in-one tools platform, ups the ante with its new Pro and Pro+ services

Crypto App, the industry’s all-in-one tools platform, ups the ante with its new Pro and Pro+ services

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The Crypto app, an all-in-one cryptocurrency tracking, analysis and content platform, allows crypto traders and holders to improve their understanding of crypto markets, create and implement data-driven trading strategies and improve risk management methods.

Crypto app opens up new opportunities for beginners and professional traders: Highlights

Launched in early 2020, The crypto app is among the most powerful data tracking applications for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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It combines the benefits of a portfolio tracker, content indexer, alert system and data aggregator.

  • The Crypto app offers a comprehensive array of tools for analyzing and managing cryptocurrency data, including a portfolio tracker, crypto news feed, and alerting tools.;
  • The Crypto app works with all major blockchains: it is able to pull data from both custodial and non-custodial exchanges and facilitate crypto-to-fiat conversions across a variety of pairs;
  • The Crypto app’s services are available at different levels, including free and paid levels: Pro and Pro+ modes are available for sophisticated traders;
  • A feature-rich customizable notification service allows the Crypto app to inform customers of rapid price movements and important on-chain events even when the app is closed;
  • The Crypto App partners with leading companies in the cryptocurrency data space, such as Messari, IntoTheBlock and TradingView, as well as renowned crypto media such as U.Today, Real Vision, The Defiant News, CryptoPotato and more to deliver world-class content and analysis to users.

As such, the Crypto app sets industry standards for data availability, accuracy, speed and ease of use and helps introduce Web3 to the next generation of users worldwide.

What are portfolio trackers?

Portfolio tracking is software (desktop or mobile applications, web interface) designed to visualize and analyze the prices of assets: commodities, stocks, digital or fiat currencies. Unlike news sites, portfolio trackers have customizable interfaces: their users can track only selected assets without having to consider the competition.

Portfolio trackers allow asset owners to stay informed about the price and supply dynamics of their assets and provide a clear picture of the changes in the value of their overall asset portfolio.

Portfolio trackers aggregate data from various centralized and decentralized data providers to keep their information accurate and up-to-date.

Who Needs Cryptocurrency Trackers in 2023?

First of all, reliable and easy-to-use crypto trackers are a must for cryptocurrency traders, especially those who utilize high-frequency trading strategies, automated trading, or other short-term strategies. They cannot afford to miss a warning of a rapid price change: it could damage their “short” and “long” positions and cause painful liquidations. This is even more sensitive for those who trade with high leverage.

In addition, medium and long-term investors also rely on cryptocurrency trackers. These platforms can help that class of investors reassess their portfolios, identify promising assets and weed out risky coins.

In addition, crypto trackers are used by a wide range of cryptocurrency enthusiasts as sources of data analysis and educational content. Newbies to cryptocurrency can take baby steps with such platforms, while seasoned crypto holders can identify new trends, gain valuable insights, and so on.

Introducing The Crypto App, one-stop crypto tracker and analysis platform

The Crypto app is focused on delivering best-in-class tools, content and analytics and delivering an unparalleled experience to crypto enthusiasts globally.

Impressive tools, intuitive interface

Primarily, The crypto app is a high performing cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. This means it displays digital asset data and dynamics in real time. In total, their customers can monitor over 6,000 coins (almost every coin registered on CMC) on over 100 platforms.

In addition to the coin name, ticker, logo, price and activity in the last 24 hours, the Crypto app broadcasts all the information necessary to evaluate the performance of different coins, including market capitalization, trading volume, price development in the last week/months, competitors and so on. Such a comprehensive range of data is essential for those who adhere to the old trading motto: “When in doubt, zoom out”. That’s why the Crypto app can help users find “the next big thing” with minimal effort.

For experienced traders, the Crypto App team added various technical analysis indicators. Traders can customize the indicators, oscillators, moving average lines (MAs) and so on to accurately predict the price performance of cryptocurrencies.

Staying on the bleeding edge of Web3

The Crypto app delivers on its primary goal of serving as an all-in-one platform that can seamlessly integrate with various custodial and non-custodial wallets. With it, users can monitor multiple accounts using a single interface. For example, a trader who stores part of his assets on Binance and other centralized exchanges for short-term trades while keeping the rest on TrustWallet and MetaMask can now use one portfolio tracker instead of several.

This level of functionality is achieved through a toolkit of API integrations that includes support for various networks such as the largest blockchain Bitcoin (BTC), major EVM-compatible blockchains Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon Network (MATIC), Solana (SOL) and so on.

Traders can also set up all necessary parameters with a couple of clicks: the Crypto App interface requires minimal customization effort.

Additional features: widgets, notifications, ecosystem

The Crypto app offers a variety of widgets to make your portfolio tracking experience even more seamless and resource efficient. With the app’s widgets, traders can see all the most important information about their markets or portfolios updated in real time on their smartphone screens.

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Price alerts can also inform users about all critical events in the crypto market even when the Crypto app is closed and inactive. Users can customize all notifications and set push notifications for predetermined assets.

In total, The crypto app has over four million downloads. It is rated 4.5/5 on major digital portals; users shared more than 84,000 reviews.

Pro and Pro+ Packages: What’s the Difference?

The crypto app has recently taken its offering to the next level by announcing the launch of its Pro and Pro+ subscription-based services, products designed to help crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors make informed decisions in the crypto space. By partnering with crypto intelligence brands such as IntoTheBlock, TradingView and Messari, the Crypto app has brought together the most advanced market insights into one service offering.

The Pro subscription includes a variety of features such as 42 proprietary crypto market signals and metrics powered by AI data leader IntoTheBlock, advanced charts enhanced with TradingView indicators, expanded portfolio tracking, real-time alert and personalized widget offers, and access to trading pair data across various crypto exchanges.

Meanwhile, the Pro+ subscription is designed for deep researchers and long-term investors and includes all the Pro features as well as exclusive access to professional research reports provided by crypto intelligence leader Messari.

In addition, Pro and Pro+ subscribers can take advantage of special discounts and promotions from leading digital services and consumer brands. Users can subscribe to Pro for $8.99 per month or Pro+ for $14.99 per month, and anyone can sign up for a week-long, free trial of both services by downloading the Crypto app on Google Play or Apple’s iOS App Big.

The Pro and Pro+ options offer a robust service that provides exceptional insight at an unbeatable price, enabling crypto novices and experts alike to easily access the most reliable and valuable information required to make informed investment and trading choices.

Picture of The crypto app

The app’s ad-supported “Basic” plan, which includes all basic features such as token insights, a portfolio tracker for up to three exchanges and five wallets, and the ability to track five crypto conversion pairs, is available to all users for free.


The Crypto app is a cutting-edge platform that acts as a cryptocurrency tracker, analytical tool and content hub all rolled into one. By keeping traders updated on the latest prices, news and information related to the crypto industry, it provides valuable insight to those looking to raise their investment game. The app’s comprehensive approach to the market makes it a resource for crypto enthusiasts and traders alike, and it’s hard to find a similar offering in the market.

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