Blockchain Transparency is the new sexy; Algorand, Moviecoin and Big Eyes Coin

Blockchain Transparency is the new sexy;  Algorand, Moviecoin and Big Eyes Coin

Across industries, privatization companies’ data and transaction history are causing problems for consumers, investors and regulators. Blockchain technology is ushering in a new era of transparency, adding value to industries and disrupting legacy systems.

“Transparency is arguably the best regulator,” says Forbes Chairman and CEO Charles Silver. If you can’t hide something, best practices are the only way to go.

This article will look at how three different blockchain projects Algorand (ALGO), Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Moviecoin transparency, create a culture of trust and equality, and add enormous value.

New startup Moviecoin aims to disrupt Hollywood and centralized streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, Big Eyes Coin demonstrates how visible charity funds will wash away greenwashing for good. Finally, blockchain platform Algorand leads by example, demonstrating how blockchain transparency can add value and drive direct sustainable action for every company.

Let’s take a look at how these blockchain projects are starting to change the world!

Moviecoin intends to decentralize and democratize the movie industry

In the film industry, the privatization of Netflix’s data means that directors cannot see how often their film has been seen or whether it is popular. So essentially directors are powerless in the face of these huge companies; they can’t advocate fair compensation because they can’t tell how well their movies are doing.

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This centralized system pressures filmmakers and indie producers to make in line with what Netflix from Amazon Prine will like and pay for. This centralization creates a creativity bottleneck, as well as privileging profit-seeking ventures over meaningful or experimental projects.

Moviecoin is a new startup that seeks to dismantle these centralized systems for financing movies. They all offer the opportunity to invest in film production through smart contracts. Moviecoin wants to end Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV’s stranglehold on film production and promote best practices through transparent ledger systems.

Big Eyes Coin puts an end to Greenwashing

Greenwashing typically involves a company making an unsubstantiated claim that their services or products are environmentally friendly or have a positive environmental impact. Deceiving, sustainably conscious customers are then more likely to choose their products.

Cryptocurrencies have leveraged their blockchain technology to eradicate this problem through automated smart contracts and transparency. Big Eyes Coin is one such cryptocurrency; currently in its sixth pre-sale phase. This meme coin intends to commit 5% of its total funds to a visible charity wallet destined to be donated to charities that protect and preserve the ocean and marine life.

Big Eyes Coin has created a means to substantiate its environmental credentials by making charitable funds visible to the public. This kind of transparency brings enormous value to a project like Big Eyes Coin, as it builds trust between the investors and the project and allows the project to grow and have a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

Algorand begins a new chapter with climate positivity

The Algorand (ALGO) blockchain platform is already one of the most sustainable blockchains because it runs on the pure proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol. Therefore, Algorand is already much better than other blockchains like Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of carbon footprint.

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Algorand was determined to be more than just a more sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. The Algorand platform decided to become the first carbon neutral platform by partnering with ClimateTrade to offset its carbon emissions by leveraging smart contracts.

This was not enough for the Algorand platform, as it was also aware that it could grow too fast for the offset systems to cope. Therefore, the Algorand blockchain has gone one step further to become carbon negative. This means that the Algorand blockchain will remove more carbon from the atmosphere than it produces, allowing Algorand to positively impact the environment regardless of how fast it expands.

Final thoughts

All three blockchain-based projects show how blockchain technology and transparency will change how companies are regulated in the future. Moviecoin is poised to disrupt the world of film financing by creating a democratic and decentralized film production.

Meanwhile, Big Eyes Coin and Algorand show how blockchain technology can remove companies’ ability to greenwash their credentials through decentralized and transparent blockchain technology.

A new era of transparency and regulation in the industry is on the horizon. Algorand, Big Eyes Coin and Moviecoin are likely to be part of the new chapter.

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