Blockchain Firm Raises $25M to Revolutionize Architecture – Cryptopolitan

Blockchain Firm Raises M to Revolutionize Architecture – Cryptopolitan


With a recent cash infusion of $25 million, the Swiss-based Anoma Foundation is advancing its development and research into a new blockchain architecture.

The ambitious initiative promises to disrupt the blockchain space with its innovative approach to decentralized applications (DApps) and services. This significant support underscores investors’ confidence in Anoma’s vision to redefine blockchain capabilities.

A pioneering approach to blockchain architecture

As one of the leading lights of the blockchain revolution, the Anoma Foundation is making waves with its groundbreaking third-generation architecture.

This advanced plan enables the creation of a myriad of fully decentralized applications and services. These include the likes of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and blockchain aggregator protocols – a stark departure from traditional smart contract protocols such as Ethereum and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

According to Adrian Brink, one of the founders of Anoma, the organization’s pioneering intent-centric architecture offers more flexibility and ease of use than its predecessors.

Brink shed light on the development of decentralized systems during an interview with Cointelegraph. Bitcoin’s (BTC) scriptable settlement architectures marked the first generation, he explained, followed by Ethereum, which introduced programmable settlement architecture, thus forming the second generation.

“With Anoma, we are evolving further by emphasizing the decentralization of existing blockchain-based applications and platforms,” ​​said Brink. The intention-centric design, which forms the backbone of Anoma’s architecture, is the defining characteristic of this third generation.

Transforming decentralized systems

With the intent-centric approach, Anoma aims to enhance the fully decentralized versions of existing DApps, such as rollups, NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, and decentralized exchanges with centralized components.

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The design will expand the possibilities of applications that were previously impossible to create on existing smart contract protocols.

Brink outlined some of the possibilities made possible by Anoma’s innovative framework: “From fully decentralized Gitcoin and Plural Money to Collaborative Finance and Multidimensional DAOs, our architecture sets the stage for a new era of blockchain applications.”

The $25 million funding will fuel the ongoing development and research initiatives for Anoma’s architecture, as well as support the development of tools for its burgeoning ecosystem.

As we observe the rapid growth of the blockchain industry, the necessity for more scalable and secure systems becomes more apparent.

Ethereum’s rivals such as Algorand, BNB Chain and Avalanche have worked tirelessly to offer greater scalability or security, as a July 2022 Chainalysis report noted.

Anoma’s intent-centric architecture is expected to lead a paradigm shift in how the industry architects decentralized systems. This could lead to a departure from transaction or blockchain-centric approaches such as those used by Bitcoin, Ethereum and other networks.

The funding secured by Anoma signals a pivotal moment in the development of blockchain technology. With a fresh, intent-centric perspective, Anoma aims to overhaul the blockchain landscape and usher in a new generation of decentralized applications and services.

This revolution could be the leap needed for decentralized technology to permeate even more aspects of our digital lives.

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