Binance provides NFT-based certificates when it launches free cryptocurrencies

Binance provides NFT-based certificates when it launches free cryptocurrencies

Over the past decade, cryptocurrency has become one of the hot topics of digital craze. Popularly known as the money of the Internet, its decentralized nature makes it more attractive to investors. Although the crypto industry has been through ups and downs in its short history, the technology is still gaining traction globally.

As the cryptocurrency sector continues to grow, it is important now for every individual investor to understand how the industry works. Proper education about digital assets, trading, risks and rewards has become essential for aspiring investors.

Therefore, Binance, the largest and most eminent trading platform in the crypto industry, seizes the opportunity to facilitate its community with free courses on emerging technologies. Announcement on its website on November 17, Binance published free courses for its millions of users to educate themselves on cryptocurrency, blockchain, Web3 and metaverse.

Binance Announces Free Crypto Education and NFT Certificates

Looking at the success of the first program, called Binance Learn and Earn, which gained wider recognition among the community, the crypto exchange is now planning to start a new Academy Courses program. These courses will cover all necessary aspects of blockchain, digital currencies, metaverse and Web3 technologies.

Free courses also include information on the benefits of cryptocurrencies along with the risks associated with trading. It will be free for Binance users.

This new educational program will contain six modules, starting with the beginner’s course covering industry fundamentals and investment strategies. This initial phase of the learning program, called “Blockchain Fundamentals”, is now available on the platform’s official website website. The platform plans to release the second and third phases of the program in the near future.

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Once students have completed all these courses, the platform will reward them with an NFT (non-fungible token) certificate. Currently, these online courses are only available for learning in English. However, these modules will be available in other languages ​​in the coming weeks.

Binance’s co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, He Yi, believes it is relevant for the platform to establish an educational program to empower their community with relevant knowledge to shape the industry’s better future. In his own words:

The blockchain industry is still at an early stage. Many new concepts, such as NFT and metaverse, have been created. We believe that creators and builders shape the future of our industry. Therefore, it is key to empower more creators and builders with knowledge. Binance, the industry leader, has a great responsibility for education and we will continue to drive innovation through education.

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Binance keeps its community above all else

Undoubtedly, this new Binance program is poised to gain massive adoption in the coming weeks, as the platform’s previous “Learn and Earn” program received huge recognition in the community.

In particular, it has been watched by millions of crypto enthusiasts in previous years globally. Binance The academy’s learning content also received support from the stalwarts of the education sphere, such as Oxford, MIT and Oxford.

Along with Binance’s recovery fund to save crypto projects from a liquidity crisis, this latest addition to the education front is the continuation of the company’s ambition to put the community at the top of everything.

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