Avorak AI Begins Development on Solana Blockchain Forensic Software


Avorak has a strong roadmap and ongoing development is certainly enough to keep the 20-strong team busy, but it has been noted that in the background two of the Avorak developers have been tasked with starting work on forensic software for the Solana blockchain.

What is Avorak?

Avorak, led by former Google developer Anthony Elsher, is an automated machine learning project set to make waves with the crypto community. Eventually, the project will be a series of products linked together through a central web system and chat functionality. The team is kick-starting the list of products with a trading system unlike any other. Combining the research and paper-based learning process of manual traders, the ultra-fast and clinical power of computing, and the ability to learn and adapt over time is what will differentiate these automated trading algorithms from the basic offerings currently available is on the market.


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Avorak Solana Forensics

Numerous rumors circulating about which chain Avorak is likely to launch cross-chain are now close to being confirmed or debunked. With the active development on Solana to help chain workers, it is almost certain that Solana will be the next network to be targeted.

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This particular section is missing from the Avorak roadmap, so it raises the question of whether the team has been approached and contracted for this work. What is certain is that more of these quick side projects will only be beneficial as the team gains more exposure to the insider development community and makes a mark on other networks, increasing confidence for AVRK investors.


The AVRK token is used as a value transfer to access the suite of AI products that Avorak releases. When users want to trade with the trading bot, for example, they will buy (unless they already have) AVRK tokens on the open market and deposit them into the unique payment system. Once these tokens are paid, a value will be assigned to the user’s account, which will pay fees. A small percentage is taken from the trading profit as this deposited value, and such is the simple but effective system. The most important feature of this system is that all payments are routed through the Avorak payment contract. This contract divides AVRK according to the white paper. 49% of all earnings are sent back to AVRK holders. This is an incredible “passive income” in the sense that it does not come from token emissions, as the maximum supply is already on the market from launch. In fact, Avorak takes this one step further by allowing the contract to send 2% of all revenue to the burn address. This means that the token not only has a passive income format, but is also deflationary. Conquering two of the more difficult aspects of cryptocurrency (launching with only a small amount of the total supply and providing revenue by being highly inflationary) puts AVRK on the map for potentially one of the best ICOs of the year.

In summary, once Avorak becomes a household name for offering quality products that can blend blockchain with a strong use case, AVRK is set for a phenomenal rise in fortunes.

Want to learn more about Avorak AI?
Website: https://avorak.ai
Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register

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