Art NFT Marketplace and Community HeartX announced its open beta launch

Art NFT Marketplace and Community HeartX announced its open beta launch

Central, Singapore, 12 June 2023, Chainwire

HeartX, a Web3 art NFT marketplace and community, is pleased to announce the Open Beta launch of its app product. This marks a significant milestone in the development of the platform, bringing together the power of blockchain technology and a vibrant art community.

HeartX has been deployed on zkSync Era, an Ethereum Layer-2 network, and started its closed beta test in April. Its Vote-to-Earn system is committed to redefining the value of art by community consensus and rewards users with the utility token $HNX. Several new features as below have been launched in the Open Beta phase:

1. User Level System: The “Collector” level will unlock more privileges by shopping, and the “Connoisseur” level will help earn more $HNX in Vote-to-Earn as you level up.

2. Boost-to-Earn: Boost artwork you like with $HNX earned from Vote-to-Earn and be rewarded by management token $HTX according to the artwork’s HeartX Index.

3. New look for voting: The artworks will be presented as the original look in the voting system, helping users to make decisions.

4. Social media sharing function: Voting results can be easily shared on Twitter with just one click!

To join the open beta and be part of the HeartX community, interested users and artists can follow HeartX on Twitter. The HeartX app is available for both iOS/Android devices.

About Decent Arts

Decent Arts Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a Web3 professional team dedicated to art.

It aims to connect offline and online art worlds to expand the boundaries of traditional art and establish a more inclusive, diverse and decentralized Web3 art ecology.

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Decent Arts focuses on the physical and digital art market and has created an online art community for trade and communication. It has launched digital art collections and is incubating a richer metaverse and Web3 products to allow more people to connect, understand and ultimately fall in love with art.

Through Web3 technology, we can determine the value of works of art in a more open and transparent way, while giving creators and collectors more opportunities for profit.

The team currently has 30 members who are responsible for product planning, artist collaboration, technology development, platform operation, etc. Most of the members come from successful Internet companies in various fields, including games, live broadcasting, social networks, e-commerce, art, blockchain, digital collections and more.

For more information: Website | Twitter | Disagreement


Team HeartX
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