ACT Games Reveals Game Footage for ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA, an NFT Game Using the ZOIDS WILD Franchise

ACT Games Reveals Game Footage for ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA, an NFT Game Using the ZOIDS WILD Franchise

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ACT Games (CEO: Hyungwon Lee) unveiled the gameplay footage of ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA, a blockchain NFT trading card game (TCG) that uses intellectual properties of TV anime ‘ZOIDS WILD’ and ‘ZOIDS WILD ZERO’ on the 24th. August.


The footage shows some of the famous characters of ZOIDS WILD being recreated as NFT cards, fighting fiercely against each other inside a battlefield.

In particular, the game manages to capture both the charm and excitement of the original characters in a new, exciting TCG format. It enables players to come up with a wide range of winning strategies, and it uses blockchain technology to build a robust NFT card collection and trading experience.

Hyungwon Lee, CEO of ACT Games, said “Our goal is to build a high-quality game that does justice to the popular franchise, and we plan to fine-tune the product to ensure the game reaches the highest quality possible before release.”

For more information on ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA, visit the game’s official website and its various social media channels.


The ZOIDS series is the first Japanese media series created by TOMY Company, Ltd. (TOMY) which was first unveiled in 1983 as a plastic model. ZOIDS are essentially giant robots aka “mechas” that use dinosaurs and animals as motifs. The name ZOIDS is a portmanteau of Zoic (animal-like) and Android (a mobile robot with a human form), and the figures are released as “real moving sets”, where the assembled figures are able to move realistically by being powered by an engine. ZOIDS WILD was released in 2018 as the first new iteration of ZOIDS since 2006.

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ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA is a blockchain trading card game (TCG) that features units from the ZOIDS WILD series as NFT cards. The game allows players to buy and own their NFT cards, using them to battle other players, just like real trading card games. The game is published by Z Spot and developed by ACT Games.




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