3 platforms in Jordan offering innovative FinTech solutions

3 platforms in Jordan offering innovative FinTech solutions

By Leandra Monteiro


  • Asset Management
  • Beeezcrowd
  • Crowdfunding

FinTech, JordanBolstered by a young and tech-savvy population, Jordan is an ideal market for FinTech growth. FinTech includes a wide range of products and services, such as online banking, mobile payments, peer-to-peer lending, digital wallets and financial management tools.

FinTech companies often use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data to create new financial products and services that are more efficient, accessible and user-friendly than traditional financial institutions. The FinTech market in Jordan’s largest segment will be digital investments with a total transaction value of $6.81 million in 2023. The Digital Assets segment is expected to show revenue growth of 36.7% in 2024.

Here are 3 companies in Jordan that offer innovative FinTech solutions:

BeeezCrowd is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that connects interested investors with SMEs looking to raise money. It is a digital partnership platform based on converting companies into digital shares and selling a percentage of those shares to investors.

The platform provides an opportunity for SMEs and startups to raise funds through the participation of a large number of investors to get digital shares “Digital Share is equity from the profit of company”. Where companies ask a large number of investors to invest a relatively small amount in selected companies that offer digital equity. In return, investors receive digital equity shares from the company.

Solfeh is a microloan institution that aims to reach employers who have limited financial means to support their white-collar workers by offering same-day emergency cash through its innovative software platform.

The company is eager to develop a socially responsible sustainable microloan module that has both the employer’s and employee’s interests in mind. Solfeh understands employees’ need for cash in emergency situations and has developed an online financial platform for a simple, fast and secure lending process via our website and mobile app.

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7asaleh is a personal finance and digital payment solution for children and their parents. The app provides a gamified banking experience for families across the MENA region to help children manage their allowances through chores and daily tasks. It helps parents set up a monthly, weekly or instant allowance for their child that can go towards expenses, savings and kind donations.

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