The ultimate sensory adventure in the Julian Alps

The ultimate sensory adventure in the Julian Alps

BOHINJ, Slovenia, 2 June 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), in collaboration with The Julian Alps Association, has presented the country’s first ever tourism promotion activity with NFT and blockchain technology at a unique event in the Julian Alps.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a certified, unique and non-repeatable digital token issued in limited editions as unique electronic souvenir collectibles. ‘The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure’ NFT collection consisting of fifteen NFTs was listed on Vandri, a tourism NFT platform.

This week, the country’s first NFT-promoted tourism event took place in the Julian Alps, after first being announced at the World Travel Market in November 2022. A group of selected journalists received NFT tokens which enabled them to get an NFT in their digital wallets and be able to use them in real life by attending this unique one-time event. Using an NFT to promote the stories of two important endangered species, ‘The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure’ raised awareness of Slovenia’s aims to move forward with a digitized tourism strategy, while highlighting the plight of two natural species in Sloveniaand showcases the wonderful Julian Alps.

Using the two stories of the Cock-of-the-Woods (Western Capercaillie), the largest member of the grouse family in Slovenia, and the Queen of the Alps (Alpine eryngo), a rare protected flower, ‘The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure’ showed the deeper meaning of balance and reconnection with nature. The guests had the opportunity to experience therapeutic yoga, sound baths and forest bathing. The one-off multi-sensory adventure proved a huge success through guided tours, stunning scenery and panoramic boat trips around Lake Bled, complemented by food from some of the Slovenia’s top chefs.

NFT owners experienced the value of their NFTs first-hand by using them as tickets to participate in the exclusive preview, creating a unique synergy that combines digital and real-world experiences.

Slovenia and the Julian Alps stand out as smart and innovative destinations that incorporate the advanced technology of NFTs in travel and tourism. At the same time, in line with the sustainability ethos, the content of the NFTs draws attention to the issue of endangered species of flora and fauna. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is consolidating its position as a pioneer in the evolving tourism industry by embracing the digital future with new technology in harmony with its traditional values.

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